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Pavitra Rishta 20th August 2014 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 20th August 2014 Written Update
The episode starts with Sonu and Mannu’s baby arguing with each other. Prashant asks Mansi to serve food to him as he is getting late. He tastes the dish and says it is awesome. Mansi says, tai used to make tasty veggie. Mansi’s baby asks her about tai. Mansi says, you doesn’t know her. She thinks, where are you?

Pari says to Archana and family that Ankita ruined her life and snatched their home. Nothing is left to them now. she says, Naren had everything before but now he don’t have a home. Neena badmouths about Ankita. She says, you snatched her husband from her and she snatched your home. Manav says, both are our grand daughters. Don’t know whom to support. Pari says, you are supporting Ankita. Manav says, whatever you said is your version. Ankita will speak her version. We can’t decide until we speak to her.

Rushaali says, Pari said truth. Ankita played a big drama and filed a fake case against Naren. We have nothing now. Prashant asks her to keep quiet and says you ruined her life. You snatched her husband and gave him to someone else. He asks, where is my Tai? Pari asks him to know the truth before saying anything. She says, your sister is not innocent. She tells Manav to help her. Neena thinks Manav have opened a charity. Prashant tells them that they are lying and he doesn’t believe them. Archana asks Manav to do something. Prashant leaves. Manav tells Naren that they have to get a home for living. He says, we have a unit in this chawl. We have made it for Soham and asks them to stay there.

Sachin asks Neena about a file. Neena says, baba took a big decision. Naren and Pari will live with us now. Sachin says, baba is sensitive. Neena says, they are not close to her. Sachin says, Pari is baba’s grand daughter. Neena asks Sachin, what is his thinking about Pari’s words. Sachin says, he doesn’t know. He says, one thing is sure that Naren and Pari will stay with us. Neena says, what will happen if Ankita returns here. Sachin says, she can’t be back. Neena hopes so.

Manav tells Archana that Pari can’t lie this much. Archana says, but Ranvijay had an accident. Ankita was about to marry him. Archana tells Manav that they have to support Ankita this time and have to help her. She is bearing everything alone. Manav gets a heart attack again. Archana calls Sachin.

Prashant tells Mansi that he is going to Agra to be at Ankita’s side. He says, he won’t leave Ankita alone. Mansi hopes that the guy whom Ankita has chosen is right for her. She tells Shashank that they will go to temple. Shashank gets a call. He says we will reach there. He tells Mansi that Manav got a heart attack and asks Prashant to come with them.

Archana cries and recalls their marriage anniversary and the moment spent with Manav. Archana gets emotional. Teju assures her that Baba will be fine. Mansi comes there and asks what happened to Azoba. Archana says he heard about Ankita and got a heart attack. Prashant says, he was leaving for Agra. Archana says, you can’t go now as Manav wants to talk to you all and wants to see everyone. Prashant says he will postpone his visit. Sachin says, he will inform Naren and Pari.

Shirish tells Rushaali that they will get a maid soon. Rushaali says, it is dirty place. We can’t leave here. Shirish says, thanks to Manav ji We got a good house. Rushaali gets angry and says this is not house. I can’t live here. Naren is busy with unpacking the things. Pari comes and asks Naren to come as Manav is calling them. She says, this is the time for us to get rewarded. He may tell us about the will. Naren asks, where is he? PAri says, he is in hospital, got heart attack. Naren gets shocked and says how can you be so seflish. Pari asks him not to refuse the property. He goes to the hospital. Pari tells Rushaali that she wished Naren was like her.

Prashant talks to Agra’s detective agency and says he asked them to search Ankita. Mansi says, Bappa will unite us. Shashank says, now you came to know that Ankita is in Agra. Mansi says, don’t you think Pari is lying. Prashant says, I am sure Pari is lying. Mansi says, she messed her life. I don’t know how Ankita is managing alone. Prashant gets a call from the detective agency. Prashant tells them to find her soon. He tells Mansi and shashank that Ankita was seen at some place. They pray for Manav’s recovery.

Neena tells Sachin that Manav might have called them to announce his will. Sachin says, have you lost it. Teju taunts them and says you have proved that you are strangers. Prashant says, they can’t pray for Azoba. Teju asks them not to think like that and says her baba won’t die. She asks them to leave. Neena gets angry and tells Sachin that Teju taunt them. Sachin asks her to come. Neena says, we shall try to get the property.

Archana asks Manav, what happened to him. Manav says, he was standing between live and death and her love brought him back.
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Pavitra Rishta 19th August 2014 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 19th August 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with evidences giving evidence in favour of Naren and saying they did not see Naren driving car. Ankita says all evidences are fake and bought by Naren and asks judge to check CCTV footage recorded by police. Policeman says due to rain, he could not capture anything. Judge gives hearing in favour of Naren and warns Ankita and her lawyer to refrain from alleging any innocent hencefort. Neelima gets sad that Naren bought evidences and won cases. Ankita asks Naren howmuch money did he give and says Ranvijay’s whole family is in trauma and Ranvijay in coma. She says he is so greedy and selfish to ruin somany people’s lives. She says Rushali that it is her old habit of buying people and evidences in her favour and says this time she will not keep quiet as it is Ranvijay and his family’s matter and promises that she will win the case as she is right. Rushali asks her to cut the crap and says they have won the case and asks her not to do her drama next. Naren thinks he is culprit of Ankit and Ranvijay’s family and he is doing it to save Pari.

Naren comes out of the court and informs Rushali that Ankita was right, he bought eye witnesses as Pari was driving the car and rammed Ranvijay. She asks why did not he inform her before. He says someone would have recorded his statement, so he did not. He asks her not to bad mouth about Ankita again. Pari says let us pick Ashi and go home. Naren says he sold house to save her.

Ankita thinks Naren can buy anything from his money but not law, she will win the case some day.

Naren comes back to his home and starts packing his bags. He remembers his happy times with Ashi. A man comes and says he can take his important things and to leave rest as he sold his house with all its goods. Naren picks his and Pari’s pic frame and reminisces time spent with her.

Rushali gets annoyed with Naren’s decision and scolds Pari for making an accident. Pari says she did not sell the house and Naren did not even consult her before selling it. Rushali says he did it for you. Pari says she would have taken help from her Azoba, but Naren’s ego did not let him inform her. Rushali asks her to seek help from Azoba now. Naren asks her not to take help and he will do something. Pari says Naren wants us to stay on foothpath. Sirish asks her to calm and says Naren will do something. Kinnari thinks even she has to leave this house because of Naren.

Ashi looks at her toys and feels bad. She sees Naren and asks if he is feeling bad. Naren says no and takes her from toy room.

Ankita sadly comes to Ranvijay’s hospital room and reminisces her time spent with Ranvijay and their engagement, etc. She says him that she lost the case and Naren won it with his money. She says she loved Naren as he was a nice man, but now she hates him as he is greedy and selfish now. She says she will take Ranvijay to mumbai for his treatment and says she will also fight his case and will win it. She says she will take care of Vaishnavi and will be with him always.

Shashank gets a call from someone and say he will come there. He informs Mansi that both of them got an attack again and they have to reach hospital now..
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Monday, 18 August 2014

Pavitra Rishta 18th August 2014 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 18th August 2014 Written Update
The episode starts with Gopal asking Ankita, if she met that man and asks who is he? Ankita is speechless. Nurse asks her, whether she has taken his signatures. Ankita says, he had left before I went there. Naren comes and apologizes to Ankita. He says, he will help her and wants her to-be husband to recover fully. Ankita asks him, what you will do? How will you treat him! with your money. You thinks that you can buy anything with your money. Naren says no. Ankita tells him to buy Ranvijay’s parents. Naren is shocked.   

Ankita asks him to accept his mistake infront of everyone. Naren says, he knows that he did a mistake and asks for a chance from her. Ankita says, you didn’t change at all. First you gives pain and then try to cover up the wounds. Ankita says, my first husband is responsible for my to be husband’s accident. I can’t believe that you bribed the Inspector. She asks him to go before Ranvijay’s parents see him. Naren leaves.   

Neelima hears them and tells Ankita that you saved your husband and didn’t think about the man who supported you. Ankita says, you are thinking me wrong. Neelima says, I was blinded to get my son married to you. You are at fault. Your kundli is responsible. She calls her Manhoos/inauspicious. Gopal looks on tensed. He tries to calm down Neelima. Neelima cries and says she is responsible for Ranvijay’s condition. Ankita promises her to get Naren punished for his sin.   

Doctor comes and informs them that Ranvijay has slipped into Coma. They get shocked. Neelima asks Doctor to check him once again and says Ranvijay can’t slipped in Coma. Doctor says, don’t lose hope. I hope Ranvijay will soon come out of Coma. Neelima cries and holds Ankita responsible for Ranvijay’s condition. She asks her to leave and save her husband Naren.   

Pari informs Rushaali that they are trapped. Rushaali asks Naren. Pari says, we shall leave from here. Naren says, this is not the solution. I knew she would not leave us. Lawyer comes and says Mrs. Ankita filed a case against you. We will meet in Court. Rushaali is shocked. She asks Naren. Naren tells Rushaali that Ranvijay was going to marry Ankita when accident happened. Naren gets tensed. Pari says, we have to face the court now. Naren says, he will handle everything. Rushaali blames Ankita for the crisis.   

Naren comes to the Police station. Inspector says, nothing can happen now as the case reached the court. Now court will do the justice. Naren asks him to hide the CCTV footage. Inspector takes him to a side and says he have to do so much to hide the proofs and to quiet the witness. He demands 4 crores. Naren thinks from where to get this much money.

Ankita thinks of Kavita and then Naren’s words. She gets sad thinking about Neelima’s words. She gets Archana’s call. She asks her about her marriage. Ankita tells her that she is busy and will call her later. She says, this famiy had did so much for me and now it is my turn. I wants to tell you something. I will call you later. Archana says, I can understand. She disconnects the call. Ankita thinks she has to stand against Naren to get justice for Ranvijay.

Ankita comes to Court. Pari comes there and says she can’t believe that she can’t see her happiness and came between her and Naren. Ankita says, she can’t believe that she is her sister. Pari gets a good reply from Ankita.   

Neelima, Gopal and Vishnu come there. Neelima apologizes to Ankita for thinking her wrong. Neelima says, it is note easy to stand against your husband. She asks, will you love come in between justice. Ankita looks at Naren and promises her to get justice.
Court case starts. Defence Lawyer says that Naren is innocent and his client was in the hotel when the accident happened. Opposition Lawyer tells that Naren did Ranvijay’s accident. Defence Lawyer says, he has the proves which will proof that Naren was in the hotel. He calls the hotel waiter for testimony. He gives the statement that Naren was in the hotel at that time. Defence Lawyer calls the manager. Manager gives the statement that Naren was having dinner in his restaurant at the time of accident. Lawyer calls the security incharge. He gives the statement that Naren was in the hotel and asks the lawyer to get the records check.   

Ankita blames Naren for buying the witness and takes the case in his favour. She says, she didn’t know that he will stoop to such low level. She says she will show him what she can do…
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Pavitra Rishta 15th August 2014 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 15th August 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Ankita reaching hospital and seeing Ranvijay being operated. Inspector asks who is she. She says she is marrying Ranvijay and Vaishnavi is her daughter. Pari sees her from behind and thinks she must be Ranvijay’s wife and pities for her. Ranvijay’s family reaches hospital and Kavita starts scolding Ankita for her bad fate. Neelima asks her to stop bad mouthing. Doctor come out from OT and they ask about Ranvijay. Doc says he is still unconscious and his condition may get critical if he does not gain consciousness in 24 hours. Neelima prays god to save her son.   

Pari starts packing bags at hotel. Naren asks her not to worry and says they won’t go until than man regains his consciousness.

Gopal worries for Ranvijay and asks Vishnu to tell Shivji to make Ranvijay fine and punish the guilty. Vishnu cries.

Vaishnavi tells Kavita that nothing will happen to her Papa. Kavita says ok. Nurse comes and asks for the person who brought Ranvijay to the hospital. She says, they need his signatures and asks Ankita to go and bring him. Ankita asks for the address.

Naren and Pari are about to check out from the hotel. Inspector comes and stops them. He tells them that he was convinced that they was not involved in the accident, but they are the ones who did the accident. Naren says no. We haven’t done the accident. Inspector calls Ashok and asks him to say. Ashok gives statement that he had seen them hitting Ranvijay. Naren asks, how can you blame us. Inspector says, you are lying and says we have another proofs. We have CCTV camera footage as the site is accident prone. He asks them to come.   

Ankita comes to the hotel and asks the waiter about Naren’s room number directions. She opens the room door and sees Naren and gets emotional. Naren asks the Inspector to do something as he is ready to settle the case. Inspector agrees to dismiss the case with the bribe. Ankita hears everything and gets shocked. Naren asks him to do something and solve the case. Ankita gets angry.   

Ankita comes and asks Naren where are you? She tells him that she thought he has changed, but he didn’t. She tells him that Ranvijay was her to be husband. Inspector says, what are you saying and threatens to arrest her. Ankita tells him that she wants to file an FIR. Naren tells Ankita that she didn’t know about the man and he didn’t do the accident intentionally.   

Ankita tells him about the condition of Ranvijay’s family. She asks him, why he came back to her life again. She tells him that her baby is dead and cries miserably. Naren is shocked. He tries to console her. Ankita asks him to stay away from Ranvijay and promises to get him punished.   

Gopal asks Vishnu to drink tea. He refuses. Neelima is tensed. Gopal asks her to drink tea. She cries and worries for Ranvijay. Vishnu asks her not to cry. Neelima cries. Vishnu tells Gopal that he sent all the relatives back. Gopal asks Vishnu to take Kavita and her baby home. Vishnu agrees. They leaves. Neelima asks Gopal, did he check Ankita’s kundli properly? Gopal asks him not to doubt Ankita.

Ankita hears them and gets sad. Gopal says, she is not at fault. Ankita thinks she is at fault as Naren is responsible for Ranvijay’s condition. She thinks she can’t tell them as they will hate her. She thinks, why Naren did Ranvijay’s accident. She thinks Naren is trying to save himself. How can he be so selfish. Gopal asks her about the person who brought Ranvijay to the hospital.  

Naren tells Pari that he knew that she would never leave them. Ranvijay’s lawyer comes to Naren’s house and tells him that Ankita has filed a case against Naren. They get shocked.

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Pavitra Rishta 14th August 2014 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 14th August 2014 Written Update
The episode starts with people apply turmeric on Ankita as per rituals. She thinks she is marrying Ranvijay, but her first love would be Naren. Ranvijay comes there. Neelima asks him to go from there and says he cannot talk to Ankita before marriage. Ranvijay thinks he will tell his feelings for Ankita today at any cost.

Ranvijay sees Ankita standing near the window and thanks her for agreeing to marry him and become Vaishnavi’s mom. He says he is happy that she will take care of Vaishnavi and knows she will take care of her even if he is not alive. Ankita asks her not to talk like that. He says he will not force himself towards her and will wait until she is ready and asks her to be Vaishnavi
s mom. Someone calls him and he goes saying he wants to talk to her more and will come back. Ankita gets ready for her marriage. Archana calls her and says she and her Azoba are sending her some gifts and says Azoba wants to talk to her. Manav picks phone and says her marriage will change her life now and it will be new beggining of her life. Ankita thinks he is telling right and reminisces her marriage with Naren and thinks he is going away from Naren and did not think she had to part ways with him like that.

Ranvijay calls Ankita and asks her to come out as he wants to talk to her. She says she cannot come out like that before marriage. Vaishnavi comes and says she will take her out.

Pari sees Ashi pouring water on her laptop and starts scolding her, says her important data will be lost. Naren asks her to stop scolding Ashi, he will repair her laptop. Pari throws laptop and angrily walks out. She gets into a taxi and leaves. Naren follows her in his car.

Ranvijay waits for Ankita outside and practices to say “I love you” to Ankita. He gets tensed how to say it, thinks he really wants to tell her that he loves her and his love will not fade away. Vaishnavi takes Ankita out. Ankita resists and says something wrong may happen. Vaishnavi says nothing will happen, she is going to become her mummy soon. Ankita agrees.

Naren overtakes Pari’s taxi and stops her, he tries to console her. She angrily gets into his car and starts driving it. She crashes Ranvijay. Ranvijay falls down on the ground and sees Naren coming out of car. Naren checks if Ranvijay is alive. Pari asks him to leave him and run from there, but Naren picks Ranvijay and takes him in his car to hospital.

Vaishnavi says Ankita that her papa wants to tell her I love you and asks her to please accept it. Ankita sees Naren carrying Ranvijay in his car and leaving and runs towards car. They see blood on floor and Ranvijay’s watch.

Panditji asks another pandit to give discount. Someone drops water in havan kund and everyone gets tensed. Kavita informs them that Ankita and Ranvijay are not at home. Neelima says something bad is going to happen and worries. Paditji asks her to be courageous and leaves to find Ranvijay and Ankita.

Naren brings Ranvijay to hospital and asks doctor to operate him. Doc says it is accident case and until police registers case, he will not operate him and asks how did accident happen. He does not reply anything and asks doc again to operate as even court orders to operate patient first. Doc agrees and takes Ranvijay into operate.

Ankita asks inspector who made this accident. Inspector says he does not know, but has taken statement of people who brought him. Pari who is standing behind does not see Ankita and thinks she is Ranvijay’s family member.
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Pavitra Rishta 13th August 2014 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 13th August 2014 Written Update
The episode starts with Naren buying saree at a saree shop for Pari. Ranvijay also comes there to buy saree for Ankita and does not like sarees shown by salesman. Naren hears Ranvijay’s saying that he is buying it for his would be wife and describing her looks and asks salesman to give his selected saree to him. Salesman shows saree to Ranvijay and he likes it. Salesman says saree was selected by another person. Ranvijay tries to search him, but Naren has already left saree shop. He then goes to buy gold ring and sees in a mirror Naren standing behind. He turns back, but does not find Naren.   

Naren comes back to his hotel room and gets a call from Rushali about Ashi missing. He gets tensed hearing that. Pari says Ashi always creates problems between us and does not want us to be together. Naren asks her to stop thinking bad about Ashi. Waiter shows Naren Ashi’s doll and says he found it in his car’s dickie. Naren realizes Ashi came with them sitting in a dickey.   

Ankita drops Ashi to the hotel back and waiter hands over Ashi to Naren. Naren is relieved seeing her.      

Ranvijay picks Ankita from hotel. Naren takes back Ashi to his hotel room. Pari calls Rushali and informs about Ashi being found. She says this girl will not let us leave peacefully and says she is coming back. Naren feeds Ashi icecream and says where had she been. She says she was with aunty who was like mamma. Naren says nobody can be mamma except Pari.       

Ankita wears Ranvijay’s gifted saree and thinks she has to forget Naren and move ahead. Ranvijay sees her wearing his saree and asks if she liked it. Ankita says it is her favourite colour. Ranvijay says a man in saree shop gave this saree saying your fiance would like it. She asks what was his name. He says before he could ask him, he left.   

Vaishnavi comes and asks asks Ranvijay to confess his love for Ankita. Ranvijay hesitates. His mom comes and says his papa is calling him. Ranvijay says Vaishnavi that he will tell Ankita later and leaves.   

Pari gets irked seeing Ashi and says this girl does not like me and she already found a new mum. Naren says she is trying to find love in another woman as you are not giving her mom’s love and asks her to take care of Ashi. Ashi hears their conversation and thinks she should do something to get them united.
Ranvijay and Ankita’s engagement starts. Ranvijay takes out ring and sees it is not his ring. Ankita says it is okay. Ankita reminisces her engagement with Naren and sadly exchanges ring with Ranvijay while everyone clap for them.
Ashir orders cake and juice for Pari and apologizes her for he mistake. Naren asks Pari to eat cake. Pari sees cockroach in cake and shouts and starts her drama. She sees Ashi’s dress smeared with cake and asks her to stay at hotel while she and Naren get dress for her. Naren says Ashi can come with them and asks her to get into car. Pari gets irked hearing that and shouts on Naren.
Ranvijay says Anjkita she should marry him only if she is willing to, else no…

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Pavitra Rishta 12th August 2014 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 12th August 2014 Written Update
The episode starts with Naren driving the car while Pari is sleeping. Naren caresses his head. Ankita, Ranvijay and his family are going to Agra. Ankita thinks she don’t know if she can ever accept Ranvijay. She is happy that she is giving motherly love to someone and thinks her life would be complete. Ankita thinks she is missing Naren and feels his presence.

Pari starts sneezing. Naren tells her that they will go to the doctor. Naren tells her that they will check in hotel heritage. Pari says, she doesn’t like it and asks him to take her somewhere else. Naren and Pari come to Grand Aperial hotel. Naren asks the receptionist to send a doctor. They go to their room.

Little Aashi gets out from the car and looks around. Ankita, Ranvijay and his family come to Agra. Ankita tells Ranvijay that she will just be back in sometime. She thinks someone is calling her. She sees a toy shop and looks at the toy. Aashi is calling Naren as Dada, and asks where are you Dada. Ankita looks at the rickshaw coming on her way. She saves Aashi and takes her in her lap. Aashi looks at her. Ankita asks her, are you fine? Aashi says, she is fine. Aashi calls her aunty and says she is hungry. Ankita buys blueberry pastry for her and says she also likes it. Aashi tells her that her dada used to get her blueberry pastry. Ankita asks the shopkeeper to put extra cheese on it. Ankita asks, where is your home? Aashi says, it is nearby. Ankita asks her to eat, and she will go and pay the shopkeeper. Aashi says, she has selected a mummy for her Dada.

Pari is still sneezing. Waiter comes and gives them cake and dress. Naren says, we will go on a site seeing. Waitress says, how she will go as she is ill. Naren says, she will go and will be alright. He asks her to come. Pari asks him to go alone. Naren insists her to come.

Aashi asks Ankita, do you like rains? Ankita says yes. I enjoy rains. Ankita asks her, will you eat popcorn. Ankita buys popcorn for them.

Pari wears the saree brought by Naren. Naren says, we will promise that we won’t fight from now. He cuts the cake for their new beginning. Pari eats it and says she is allergic to blueberry. Naren says, it is your favourite. Pari says, it is Aashi’s favourite. Naren asks her to lie down and calls the receptionist to send anti allergic tablet and warm water.

Rushaali gets tensed as Aashi is not at home. Kinnari asks her to relax. She asks her, why do you get hyper whenever Aashi is not around. Rushaali asks her to find out. Shirish says, she must be here. Rushaali asks him to check and goes to check the room.

Naren calls Rushaali and says he has reached Agra and is going to market to buy a gift for Pari. He asks her to give the call to Aashi. Rushaali lies to him saying she is sleeping still. Shirish comes back. Rushaali asks him not to inform Naren as he will cancel his trip and come back home. She thinks to call the Police.

Neelima tells Kavita to do work as today is Ranvijay’s engagement. She calls Ranvijay. Ranvijay talks on phone and says he can’t come to shop today. Neelima asks him about Ankita. Ranvijay tells her that she went somewhere. He didn’t ask her anything as she needs space.

Gopal tells Neelima that he met Panditji for Ankita and Ranvijay’s marriage. Vishnu asks him why he called external pandit when he himself is pandit. Gopal says, he wants to enjoy his son getting married. Vaishnavi comes asking for Choti maa. She takes Ranvijay with her. She asks him to buy gift for her and asks do you really wants to marry Choti maa. Ranvijay is surprised. She asks him, are you doing love or arrange marriage. Ranvijay asks, how do you know. Vaishnavi says, today’s kids know everything. She asks him to confess his love to Ankita. Ranvijay tells her that he will confess his feelings to Ankita. She asks him to take flowers, chocolates or some gifts for Ankita. Ranvijay tells her that she has become naughty. Vaishnavi thanks the Lord.

Rushaali calls to Aashi’s friend home. She tells Shirish that nobody knew about Aashi. Shirish asks her to relax as she may be near them. Rushaali gets tensed. Shirish says, he never see her tensed towards someone other. Rushaali tells him that Aashi is his son’s daughter. Kinnari listens and thinks of her words. Rushaali asks him to come to Police station. Shirish goes with her.

Pari tells Naren that she knows that something would happen as that girl can’t see us happy. Naren asks her to pack their bags. He sees Aashi’s toy and asks Pari. Pari says, she didn’t bring it..
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