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Pavitra Rishta 22nd September 2014 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 22nd September 2014 Written Update
The episode starts with Prashanth informing Ankita about tonight’s meeting and asks her to reach on time. She says driver has let car in office itself. Prashanth says he will drop her in his bike. She says bye to Ashi and Vaishnavi and tries to leave, but Vaishnavi asks her to have breakfast and leave. During their tussle, milk glass falls. Kinnari who is sitting there says it is a bad sign and something bad will happen today. Ankita asks Vaishani to get ready and go to school and leaves with Prashanth. Pari sees her going and thinks today is Ankita’s last day.

Neena calls Pari and asks her to get her jewelry or money to safeguard her secret. Pari agrees hesitantly. She takes out jewelry thinking she cannot get into bad books in front of her family with her secret revealed. Naren asks why is she taking out jewelry. She says is giving it for polishing.

Neena and Sachin wait for Pari in a secluded place. Pari comes with jewelry. They call her and asks he to keep her jewelry and move from there. Once Pari leaves, Neena and Sachin come out and take jewelry happily, they think Pari is a golden hen and they will not cut her once and gets golden eggs frequently.

Ankita waits for her drive in a parking lot. Pari watches her hiding and thinks with Ankita dying in car accident, she will get back all her property. Ankita calls cab, but it does not stop. Pari thinks she will not get cab, so she will use her car and die and happily leaves for her home. Naren sees Ankita waiting for cab and thinks of dropping her. He goes near her and asks if her car is not starting. She says driver has not come and she is waiting for cab. He insists that he will drive car they both have to attend same meeting and forcefully makes her sit in car. He tries to start car looking at her, but it does not start. She asks him to concentrate on starting car and not look at her. He smiles and starts car. He then asks if he used to look at her same way when he was mad and she used to smile. She says yes and say it looks like it will rain. He says with rain a new story will start with new memories and old one will stop. He thinks if he told this sentence before and repeatedly looks at Ankita. Ankita reminisces his same words when he was mad.

Neena and Sachin get Pari’s jewelry to their room. Sachin says they have to sell it before Pari sees it. Neena says she will not wear it in front of Pari. They hear door knock and Neena is shocked to see Pari standing out. Pari gets in and says she was feeling low, so she came to talk to them. Sachin asks if everything is alright. Pari says she has a secret which she wants to tell them and says she made Ranvijay’s accident. Neena asks why is she telling this to them. Pari says she wants to lessen her guilt and says a lady is trying to blackmail me with this secret and must be laughing on her lucky, but it is not like that… She removes jewelry from bedcover. Neena and Sachin car schocked to see that Pari knows about their plan. Pari says she will tell about their blackmail to everyone. Neena says she will also reveal her secret. Pari says she does not have any proof and she recorded her voice via microphone and if she reveals her secret, she will tell her secret to everyone and insult her in front of whole family, takes her jewelry and leaves.

Ashi and Vaishnavi insist Teju to show switch on cartoon channel. Pari says they have to finish milk first. Teju switches on music channel and kids start dancing. Kinnari comes and adds tablet in Vaishnavi’s milk. Vaishnavi by mistake drops her milk on Kinnari’s gown. She gets irked and tries to walk out, but falls. Kids laugh on her. Pari comes there and Teju tells that kids are waiting for Ankita. Pari says she will not come now and then says she has gone to a meeting and will come late. Teju takes kids to their room to tell them story. Pari thinks Teju will have to do it everyone now as Ankita will not come back again.

Naren who is driving car with Ankita gets tensed seeing car brakes not working.
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Friday, 19 September 2014

Pavitra Rishta 19th September 2014 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 19th September 2014 Written Update
The episode starts with Ankita explaining her reason to Manav for not giving salary cheques to Pari. Manav thanks her for proving him wrong and says he is proud of her.   

Kinnari brings tea for Pari. Pari smiles and thinks Azoba must have scolded Ankita and removed her from MD’s position. Neena informs her Manav is calling her. She happily goes out. Manav says Ankita did not issue Pari’s cheque and we think she did wrong, but the truth is she did right by not favouring family to professional life. Pari says she cut my salary and everyone knows Ankita hates me as Naren divorced her and married me, she is misusing her power.

Manav gets annoyed hearing her allegations and asks her to stop, says she sacrificed her life for you and even left Mumbai, she would not have come back if you would not have ruined her life. He says Ankita showed me company allowance book and it shows you have taken more than required and rules are same for everyone, says he is proud of Ankita. He says Naren that she was issuing cheque to you, and if she has grudge on you, she would not have issued it. He says Ankita transparently showed every book as a responsible boss and says if anyone misuses company’s funds, she has right to use her powers and rules.   

Pari comes back to her room and angrily starts bad mouthing about Ankita that she is taking revenge, etc. Naren hears her conversation and says Ankita is right, she has to look after company’s profit and loss, etc., and says even if it is, you provoked her by calling police inspector for party.

Sachin also gets irked about Ankita controlling finances and says Neena that he has invested lakhs in his business, but not getting any profit. Neena says if he needs money, she has a plan and tell him about Pari and Naren’s coversation and Pari making Ranvijay’s accident, says she can blackmail Pari and extract money.   

Ashi plays with her dolls and model house and says dolls are dada, mama, she and Ankita mamma. Pari gets irked hearing Ankita’s name and asks how can Ankita stay with us, asks Kinnari to take her out.   

Neena calls her as a blackmailer and says she knows that she made Ranvijay’s accident and demands her money to safeguard her secret.   

Ankita sees Ashi sitting sadly and asks Vaishnavi what happened to her. Vaishnavi says her mother scolded her.   

Ankita tries to cheer her up by playing hide and seek game with Vaishnavi and Teju. Ashi also joins them and enjoys the game forgetting her sadness. Ankita blindfolded clashes with Naren and touches his face. She thinks she can identify him even with her eyes closed.   

Pari hires a goon to kill Ankita, informs that Ankita goes to office daily asks him to make sure it is her last journey. Goon says okay and leaves. Goon then fixes bomb in Ankita’s car and informs Pari that he did his work and tomorrow is Ankita’s last day.   

No Precap..
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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Pavitra Rishta 18th September 2014 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 18th September 2014 Written Update
The episode starts with Naren asking Pari to stop troubling Ankita and says if she starts taking her revenge, we would be no where. Pari says she did not purposefully make that accident. Naren asks her to talk slowly, else someone will hear it. He asks her to promise not to trouble Ankita as she is not a bad girl and part ways with him easily. Pari agrees. Neena hears their whole conversation and thinks they both wrongly alleged Ankita for their mistake and says she can tell their truth to everyone, but she will wait for the right time.

Kinnari searches for Neena, and once she comes, she asks where was she and why is she smiling. She says she got some secret, so she is smiling. Kinnari asks what secret. Neena says she has to safeguard the real secret and says Naren and Pari were fighting over Ankita’s issue. Kinnari says Ankita has troubled even her, says she will force her to go away from here. She shows Vaishnavi and sways we have to trouble her to get Ankita out, asks Neena to send Vaishnavi to play with other children. Neena does same.

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A kid asks Vaishnavi here name in English and starts laughing on her. Ashi gets angry on the kid and asks her not to trouble her daughter. Kid asks how can she be your sister. She says she is my Ankita’s mamma’s daughter, so she is my sister. Vaishnavi hugs her. Kinnari thinks Ankita is using Ashi to protect Vaishnavi.

Guest asks Naren and Pari what is the secret behind their increasing love day by day. Pari says Naren accepts whatever she says. Rushali tells her version and asks couples to dance. Naren and Pari dance on Tere haath me mera haath ho… song. Ankita hears the song and starts feeling sad thinking her intimate momements with Naren on this song. Prashanth says Shashank that he is feeling sad for Ankita. Shashank says we will teach them a lesson soon. Naren gets a flashback of dancing with Ankita on this song.

Ankita reminisces police inspector asking money from Naren to forgo the accident case against him and starts crying. Naren comes there. She asks what is he doing here and asks him to go. He sees mangalsutra on the floor and picks it, he gets a flashback of marrying her. She snatches it from him and asks him to go as Pari is waiting for her. She hears a thunder and hugs him tightly, then gets conscious and part ways. He walks away from there.

Pari is in the office. Office staff asks if she did not go to take her salary cheque. She says she will. She calls cashier and asks him to give her cheque. Cashier says her cheque is not ready on Ankita’s order, even Naren’s cheque is not ready. Pari gets irked and angrily walks out.

Manav and Teju enjoy chess. Manav asks if she did not go to collect her cheque. Teju says she does not work for salary and for her own satisfaction. Pari comes and says Manav that he made a wrong decision by making Ankita company’s MD and says she stopped her and Naren’s cheque and says she will ruin the company now. Teju says it may be technical error. Pari says she confirmed with cashier and says Ankita hates me and she is suffering because of her, even had to sell her house, asks him to do something. Manav says if Ankita has done wrong, she will pay for it.

Prashanth gets his salary cheque and says Ankita that he will spend it for his family. She asks if he will spend it same day. He says he promised her that he will not let her work after he gets a job, but at least can give her a treat. She agrees. Manav reaches Ankita’s cabin. Prashanth says he got a salary today and will give treat to Ankita. Man says she has to be responsible and should have respected his decision, etc. She asks she does not understand what he is telling.

He says she hurt him by not giving Pari and Naren’s salary and came to ask if she did it. She says yes. He asks why did she do it and starts scolding her for breaking his trust, thought she is like Archana and has her qualities, but she proved him wrong, he did not mix his business and personal life till now and she mixed it. Ankita asks if he feels she proved him wrong. He says he checked accounts department. Ankita says she is just following his rules and regulations and shows him allowances given to employees and Pari has taken more than she owes, so she had to cut her salary. She says she does not have any grudge on Pari and is surprised that Pari told about salary cut but not her mistake. She says Pari even enjoyed party on company’s expenses and asks him to check file.

No precap.

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Pavitra Rishta 17th September 2014 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 17th September 2014 Written Update
The episode starts with Ankita and her family enjoying breakfast. Mansi comes and greets them good morning, says Priya wanted to meet Ashi, so she brought her here. Ankita says she is getting late for office and will have to finish breakfast soon. Naren and Pari come there, and Ankita says it is their wedding anniversary today. Neena congratulates them and asks where are they celebrating party, says she has to go to parlour also. Ankita says she has transferred 3000 in her account, and it is up to her to go to parlour or spend it her way for the whole month. Neena asks who is she to decide her pocket money. Savita says Manav has given her right, so she can take any decision. Pari invites everyone for the party. Rushali taunts that let them enjoy, some people don’t even get married. Savita says marriages are made in heaven. Savita says they can celebrate wedding anniversary by going to temple. Rushali says it does not happen in these days. She says times are same, people have changed.

Kinnari and Neena get ready for the party. Their friends praise their sarees and dressing sense. Savita and Teju think of pulling their legs, Savita says Kinnari that she is wearing outdated saree of her time and says color also has faded. She then says she must be sad as she married a criminal Raunakh and says he once again was caught in a kidnapping case. Friends feel disgusted that Kinnari has married a criminal and start bad mouthing about her. Teju and Savita smirk.

Naren asks Pari why is she spending so much money for wedding anniversary. She says she will not if he does not like. He says it is okay and gifts her a ring. She thanks him, and he hugs and wishes her happy anniversary. Kinnari comes and informs her to come out soon as guests are waiting for them. Pari asks about Ankita. Kinnari says not yet. Naren suspects Pari for being soft on Ankita.

Pari and Naren are about to cut their anniversary cake when Ankita enters. Archana also come sand says she could not come before, but somehow reached on time. She sees Ankita and asks how is she, her office, etc. Ankita asks her to enjoy the party and she will talk to her later. Naren and Pari cut cake. Ankita sadly reminisces her wedding anniversary with Naren. Neighbour gives her gift to Pari. Pari asks if she will not give her gift. Ankita says she gave a biggest gift of life to her and congratulates her anyways, walks out from there. Rushali congratulates Pari that Ankita is getting jealous.

Ankita stands sadly alone. Ashi comes, refers her as mamma and says she has to take care of herself, etc, says she will meet her dad and leaves. Ankita thinks if her child would have been alive, she/he would have been like Ashi and would have been loving Naren like her. She thinks she has to go from there as she is getting attracted to Naren again. She sees a cactus plant and thinks Naren still remembers. Police officer comes and greets Pari. Pari asks if he met Ankita. He says if it is necessary to meet her. Ankita sees him and gets tensed.

Savita asks Teju who is he that Ankita got tensed seeing him. Teju says let us see. Ankita asks officer if he is not ashamed to come here even after protecting culprits and on Pari’s invitation and says it is good he came, he reminds her of her revenge, asks Naren to keep frindship with officer as it will help her in meeting her goal. Officer says Pari that if he will continue to be friendly with her, Ankita will send him to jail and leaves. Teju says Savita that Ankita is 100% her granddaughter and has her qualities. Savita asks Ankita who was that guy and what was she talking. Ankita says nothing important and leaves from there.

Neena talks on phone to her mom and says Ankita came back and troubling everyone. She hears Naren and Pari fighting. Naren asks why did she call police officer. Pari says she wants to insult Ankita and is embarrassed working under her. Naren if Ankita starts taking her revenge they will be nowhere. Pari says she did not purposefully make that accident. Naren asks her not to shout. Neena realizes that Ranvijay’s accident was made by Pari.

No precap..
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Pavitra Rishta 16th September 2014 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 16th September 2014 Written Update
The episode starts with Raunakh trying to kill Ankita. Police reach on time and arrest him. Ankita says that Mansi informed her not to drink poisoned milk and told also about Priya being kidnapped by Raunakh, so she could not do anything before. Naren apologizes her. Savita asks everyone to start pooja back.

Ankita’s doctor tries to meet her and inform her that Ashi is her daughter, but Rushali stops her. Doc says he wants to clear his guilt by telling Ankita that Ashi is her daughter, else he will inform the truth to police. Rushali says if he does so, she and her DIL’s life will be ruined. She says her DIL takes care of Ashi as her own child, etc., and tries to emotionally blackmail him. Doc says she is right, gives her money back and leaves.

Neena discuss with Teju about Mansi’s rape by Raunkh. Teju gets irked hearing that and leaves. She then says Kinnari that Raunkah could not give her any child, but Mansi got pregnant by him even before marriage. Kinnari also gets irked and leaves. She then discusses about it to Pari. Pari asks why did not Mansi inform about her rape and child to anyone. Ankita says Mansi told her before and was eagerly waiting for the child, so I did not want to ruin her happy married life and asks Pari also to shut her mouth. Pari asks what if her child is taken care by some other couple. Ankita says she does not want to hear probabilities and asks her to shut her mouth. Ashi asks Pari to feed her food, but Pari scolds her. Ankita asks why is she scolding innocent child. Pari says she is her daughter and it is her wish. Ankita then asks Ashi what she wants to have and goes in to get lemon juice. Teju thinks one more similarity between them.

Pari informs Naren about Ashi getting closer to Ankita and then telling about Ashi not feeling well. Naren scolds her for not taking proper care of Ashi. Pari says she is just having stomach upset and she has a lot of other work than taking care of Ashi.

Ankita is making Vaishnavi sleep. She hears Ashi mumbling mamma in her sleep, goes to her room and starts reciting her poem. Naren on the other side says Pari that Ashi needs a mother. Pari says she cannot become her mother and says he killed her child and cannot love any other child now. Naren thinks he can see mother’s love in Ankita’s eyes and hopes Pari also develops it. Ankita thinks why is she attracted to Ashi, why can’t she see Ashi in pain..

Naren wakes up Ashi and asks her to have milk. Ashi says she does not want milk. He asks Pari to perpare something for Ashi. Pari asks him to prepare himself and suggests to prepare beetroot soup. Naren prepares beetroot soup, but does not get the taste he likes. Ankita watches that. He asks Pari to try soup and tell what is missing. She says she is getting late for office and leaves. Once Naren goes out, Ankita checks soup and adds missing ingredients. She then keeps soup for Ashi and tries to leave. Ashi asks mamma where are you going. Ankita says she saw her sleeping, so she did not want to disturb her. She feeds her soup and asks how it is. Ashi likes it. Ankita asks her to finish soup while she sent her dadda/Naren. Naren watches that and asks Ashi if she liked it. She says. Naren also tastes soup and thinks it is perfect, exactly like Ankita used to prepare for him years ago.

Naren gets ready for office and tries to live. Ashi stops him and says he cannot prepare tasty soup like mamma. She then says I dash you. Pari hears their conversation and thinks she did not speak like that with Naren, then Ankita must have thought her this. Naren asks who thought her this. Ashi says Ankita mamma thought this. Pari reminisces Rushali warning her to be careful about Ankita.

Pari gives Naren a surprise champagne and cake party and says it is his anniversary gift. He asks we did not celebrate our anniversary till now, then why she is celebrating it suddenly. Pari says she was missing his love and was feeling that they both are moving away from each other. Naren says he is not going anywhere. He says it does not look good that they both are celebrating anniversary alone. She asks him to leave it everything on her and enjoy cake. They both then enjoy cake and champagne and start dancing sensuously on song…. mere haath me tera haath ho…. He says he is happy that she is caring for him even now. Ankita watches them dancing intimately/sensuously and reminisces about her marriage with Naren and their happier moments thereafter. Pari then sees Ankita and stops. Ankita says she wanted to wish them happy marriage anniversary. Naren thanks her and asks if she needs cake. She does not say anything and leaves. Pari thinks Rushali’s idea is working, Ankita is feeling jealous.

Priya, Ashi, Vishnavi and Teju promote new serial Bandhan..

No precap….
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Pavitra Rishta 15th September 2014 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 15th September 2014 Written Update
The episode starts with Savita and Sulochana getting ready for Ganapati pooja. Savita sees Teju getting ready wearing a saree and asks how did she wear saree without help. She says she took Archana’s help via phone.

Savita sees Ashi trying to wake up Ankita for getting her ready and says she will get her ready. She says Sulochana that Ashi has same qualities like Ashi and praises her. Rushaali hears that and says both are different and her Ashi is completely different from Ankita, starts badmouthing about Ankita. Savita gets irked hearing that and asks her to shut her mouth. Pari comes out and asks about Naren. Savita says he went out in the morning.

Naren speaks to inspector and says his brother is dangerous and to catch him first.

Ashi and Vaishnavi see Ankita’s hand shaking and inform about it to Naren. Naren tries to wake her up and whole family also start waking her up. Ankita reminisces her and Naren’s marriage in her dream and wakes up. She asks how did she come here. He says police rescued and brought her here. He says her hand is injured with a bullet and she will get well soon. Ankita thinks Naren is not happy seeing her alive. Naren thanks god for waking up Ankita. Sulochana asks her if she will perform aarti. Naren says she will.

Legendary actor Jeetendra, Ankita, and Naren perform aarti with whole family and neighbours joining them. Raunakh enters the venue disguised as a labourer and escapes police security. Inspector asks him to go.

Rushaali gets a call from someone. The man happens to be Doctor who gave Ankita’s baby to Rushaali. He tells Rushaali that he is going to Mumbai. Ankita goes to have water and hears them. Rushaali asks them to end the matter in Banaras itself. Doctor says, he couldn’t sleep since he did that. Ankita thinks about Rushaali’s connection with Banaras. She thinks something is wrong. Rushaali asks, do you need more money. Doctor says, he wants to lower his guilt and coming to her house. He says, he wants a mother to meet her daughter before the Ganapati Visarjan. She disconnects the call.

Ankita asks Rushaali, with whom you were talking to? Ankita says, may be you have something to do with the accident case. Ashi comes and calls her mummy. Rushaali asks her not to call her mummy. Ashi says she likes to call her mummy. She asks Ankita to come. Rushaali thinks I have snatched your daughter from you. I have to hide it. Kinnari and Neena announce the dance performance of Abhi and Pragya. Pragya and Abhi dance on the song Ajeeb Dastan Hain Yeh, Ghandi baat and Hum Tere Bin Reh nahi sakte……………while everyone look at their dance performance.

Ankita imagines Naren and her dancing on the song Tum Hi Ho…………….Ankita looks good in black dress and so is Naren. Everyone applaud for the performance. Ankita looks at Pragya and Abhi. Ashi goes to Naren and calls him dada. Ankita suspects Naren and couldn’t believe her love. She thinks how can she love him. Teju asks, what are you thinking. Ankita says nothing. Teju asks her to keep smiling and says happiness came back. Ankita says, she is feeling weak and will go inside.

Ashi says, today our Bappa will return to his home. Sulochana asks who is she? Ashi says she is Darpan. Darpan says, I came to ask something from Bappa. Sulochana asks her to pray and take the aarti. Darpan promotes her show. Ashi introduces Vaishnavi to Darpan. Darpan says, she have to go home to welcome her brother.

Ankita thinks Rushaali is hiding something from her and thinks she is connected to accident case. She thinks to find out and sees sindoor on her forehead. She thinks what is happening to her. Why her maang is filled by Naren. She asks God to show her the path. She sees a shadow and calls Mansi. Naren and Purab dance on the song Palat, Ram Ji Ki Chaal Dekho…………..

Raunaq comes to Ankita’s room and puts hand on her mouth. He asks her to keep quiet and says what did you think that you are safe. Your death is certain. I will be happy on your death. Prashant brings the ration. Naren says, did everything came. Labourer tells Naren that two bags came. Naren says we have ordered one only. He gets suspcious and runs to Ankita’s room. He opens the door and sees Raunaq suffocating Ankita. Ankita hides behind Naren. Naren tells Raunaq that he will get him arrested. Raunaq thinks I will get Ankita against you. He thanks Naren for saving him and runs outside. Naren falls on Ankita. Ankita misunderstands Naren and asks him not to act. Police comes. Naren goes to catch Raunaq.

Neena tells Kinnari about Tandav. Kinnari asks, why you are saying this. Neena says, Tandav dance is presented by Sid and Roshini. Sid dance as Shiv. Roshini dance on the song Silsila Yeh Chahat Ka………Kids listen to Shiv and Parvati’s story. Kids perform on Ganesha song.

Mansi thinks about Raunaq’s threats and gets tensed. Shashank comes and asks her to come out. Mansi says, she will come. Shashank asks, what happened. Mansi says, nothing. She will just be back. Shashank says ok. Mansi thinks and cries. She says, she can’t tell anyone. She can’t choose between Ankita and Priya. Neena and Kinnari announce the next dance Lavani. Savita tells Teju that they are praising the lavani dance. someone dance on the song. Sanam joins her in the dance for the song Chikni Chameli……….

Naren looks for Raunaq. Pari comes and asks what are you searching. Naren tells her that he is searching for Raunaq. He is hiding here. Raunaq asks Mansi to mix poison in the milk and asks her to give it to Ankita. Mansi cries. Raunaq holds Priya’s captive and asks her to make Ankita drink it. Ankita thinks she has some relation with Ashi. She thinks, she feels good when she calls her mumma. Doctor comes near the chawl and enquires the neighbours about Rushaali. They say they don’t know her name. Then he asks about Ankita. Some lady explains him the address.

Mansi comes to Ankita’s room. Ankita gets up taking Raunaq’s name asks Mansi to take care of her. Mansi thinks I know how dangerous Raunaq is. Raunaq looks at them. Ankita is talking to her while Mansi gets sad. Ankita asks, why you are sad. Mansi tells her that she missed her very much when she was kidnapped. She says, I was scared of Raunaq. Raunaq hears them and smirks. Mansi blames herself. Ankita says, I know you can’t do anything wrong. She asks her to give milk while she takes the medicines. Mansi hugs her emotionally and asks her to drink milk surely. Ankita nods. Raunaq smiles. Manav does the aarti of Ganesha, followed by Shashank and others.

Ankita drinks the milk and calls out to Mansi. Mansi turns and is shocked. Raunaq smiles. Ankita feels suffocated and pain in her neck. Savita and Sulochana come there. Raunaq tries to go while holding Priya. Shashank sees him. Raunaq asks them to go far else he will kill Priya. Savita comes and asks him to leave Priya. Raunaq tells them that he will kill Priya, just like Mansi killed Ankita. Everyone get shocked. Shashank asks, what are you saying? Shashank asks him to leave Priya and tells that she is your daughter. Everyone are shocked at the revelation.

Raunaq asks, are you trying to fool me. Shashank says, this girl is yours. I am saying the truth. Please don’t do anything. Raunaq says, she will save me today. Ankita comes and splashes colour on his face. Raunaq closes in pain and then tries to escape. Police comes and arrests him.

While Ganapati is taken for Visarjan, Doctor comes and calls for Ankita. Rushaali holds him and takes him to a corner. Ankita turns and see him.. .
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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Pavitra Rishta 12th September 2014 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 12th September 2014 Written Update
The episode starts with inspector informing about his plan to Naren, Teju and other family members. Teju asks inspector if he is sure his plan will work. He says he is sure. Raunaq calls Naren and asks him to get money ready and cuts call before police could tap his phone.

Raunaq calls Naren again and asks him to bring money and not to bring police this time. Naren says he does not care if he kills Ankita as he does not love her and instead has troubled her always, so he can kill her. Police trace Raunaq’s adda/hide-out place and inform Naren. Raunaq says he is right and asks him to come wit money while he will decide what to do with Ankita.

Police reach Raunaq’s adda and arrest him. They hand Naren for getting arrested his own brother. Raunaq tries to escape and in a tiff between him and police, he shoots Ankita.

Savita, Mansi and whole family pray god for Ankita’s safety. Rushali prays to protect his both sons.

Naren takes Ankita to hospital. Nurse asks him to fill form and asks who he is to Ankita. Naren thinks Ankita should get up as he has promised Ashi and Vaishnavi. Doc says him conditon is critical and asks him to pray god that operation is successful. Naren reminisces Pari making Ranvijay’s accident and other incidents and gets tensed and prays god to save Ankita.

Inspector comes and informs that they could not catch Raunaq. Naren gets angry on him for being too leniant and says he himself will catch Raunaq.

Pari reaches hospital and stops him and asks him to let it be. Naren shows Ankita and asks her how can he let it be. Pari thinks Naren is getting possessive over Ankita now and prays she should get away from their life again.

Nurse gives Pari form and asks her to get it signed by Ankita’s husband who brought her. Pari asks how can he sign form as Ankita’s husband. He asks her to stop creating drama and says he signed it in a hurry, says he is alive because of Ankita and asks her to do whatever she feels like.

Rushali brainwashes Pari that Naren is getting possessive over Ankita again and going against his whole family, asks her to do something, else if Naren remembers events when he was mad and with Ankita, they both will lose everything.

Savita sees Ashi and Vaishnavi sitting sadly and asks them to cheer up and have food. Vaishnavi asks if Ankita will get well soon. Savita says she cannot say and asks them to pray god get Ankita well soon. They both pray god to Ankita wells soon. Savita prays god to listen to these small children.

Doctor informs Naren and other family members that Ankita is not responding to treatment even after bullet hit her and escaped and says she is having low will power, says he will discharge and send her home with a nurse to take care. Naren brings Ankita home. Vaishnavi and Ashi tries to speak with Ankita, but she is in coma. They both say Ankita used to listen to them if they just called her once before, now why she is not listening to them. They both go to pray god.

Naren prays god to wake her up soon and says she should perform aarti tomorrow.

Mansi promotes new serial Bandhan.
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