Thursday, 23 October 2014

Pavitra Rishta 23rd October 2014 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 23rd October 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Arjun telling Pari that he knows that he was not there for her when she needed, but he and Purvi missed her every moment of life. She says why did he come now and not when she needed the most, when she lost her child, when Naren left her, etc. She says the truth is you never loved and cared for me and you are the reason for my present condition. She says if you would have been with me, I would have stayed with you, would not have gone to London and met Arjun. She says I got a husband who is exactly selfish like you, calls his name, and asks him to leave from her room. He sadly comes out. Purvi who is standing out asks what did she tell. She says I got you, but lost our daughter. She says she will speak to Pari. He stops her and says if you talk to her now, things will get out of control now.

Naren brings Soham to the marriage venue. Ankita sees him and gets happy, asks where was he. He says he was angry on her thinking she was going on his path, but when he knew the truth, he felt proud of her. He says though he was not with her, he had a people to spy on her. He says his damad Naren brough him here today. Ankita asks Ashi to call him as Azoba. She calls him Azoba. He gets happy and asks if she is her and Naren’s child. Ankita says yes. He says my Ankita cannot do anything wrong.

Teju says on Ankita’s marriage, everything is setting right, Arjun and Purvi are alive and even Soham has come back. Purvi comes there and all 3 sisters share an emotional moment. Soham also comes and apologizes his sisters for his mistakes. Purvi asks to forget the past. Sachin meets Soham and apologizes for his mistakes, says he will get back his share and says on Ankita and Naren’s pavitra ristha marriage, everything has come back to normal. Once Soham goes, Neena asks Sachin why did he apologize Soham whom he hates and asks why is he increasing members in property share. He asks her to stop her rubbish and says money is nothing and only family matters, he says he felt more happier when he hugged Soham than when he opened his firm. He says he lost lot of tings because of her and says if she cannot change, she can live him and he will divorce her. He says my parents respected you and forgave every mistake of yours, says she is lucky to have a saas/sasur like them, asks her to change herself. She says he is right, she was so selfish that she did not see all this and promises that she will change as she cannot live without her family now, apologizes him for her mistakes and says she will accept any punishment he gives, but she does not want divorce. He says her punishment is she should serve his family like hers. He says we should keep our heart big and share the love our family deserves.

Ankita and Naren’s marriage ceremony starts. Pari gets annoyed seeing it. She sees switches off lights.

Precap: Serial’s finale episode is promoted.
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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Pavitra Rishta 22nd October 2014 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 22nd October 2014 Written UpdateThe episode starts with Ankita’s mehandi ceremony. Savita sees Rushali standing next to Ankita and jokes how come she is seeing Rushali here. Rushali says she has hanged and is serving her bahu. She apologizes Ankita and asks if she forgave her. Ankita nods yes. Savita then jokes that it is Rushali for sure.   

Teju asks mehandi woman to write Naren’s name secretly on Ankita’s hands. Naren comes there and takes Ankita to search his name. She says he cannot search it now, but he is adamant to search it.   

Pari comes to the marriage venue, takes alcohol bottle from waiter and finishes it off. She then breaks bottle and holds it against Ankita’s neck. She says Ankita has to die and she has to give Naren punishment. She says her baba was like Naren who left her mom. Naren asks Pari to leave Ankita, but Pari says she will kill Ankita today for sure.   

Naren pulls Ankita, and Pari falls on ground. She sees Arjun and Purvi standing in front of her. She identifies them as her parents. Arjun asks what is she doing. Pari asks them to stay away from there and says for her, her parents are dead and when she needed her parents the most, they were not with her.   

Arjun asks her to listen to him. She says she does not want to listen to a man who did not care my mother at all. Purvi asks Pari to listen to her. Pari says she is not as great as her to forgive her dad, says she still remembers the day when her father was missing from her life and asks them both to leave her alone. They both are devastated with Pari’s behavior.   

Purvi identifies Ankita as Soham’s daughter. Naren takes them in.

All ladies dance on Marathi song. Archana, Savita and other oldies see Purvi and get happy. Archana emotionally hugs her and says she did not know that they both are alive. Purvi then hugs other family members. Sachin receives Arjun. Sulochana thanks god to send her children back. Teju asks what happened.

Purvi says Arjun had a brain tumor and was operated. Arjun says Purvi helped her got out of his illness and she is responsible for his second life. He says in plane crash, everyone died except them. Savita asks why did not they call them. He says he wanted to, but after plane crash, you all believed that we are dead, Purvi was very ill, so he thought once she gets well, he will inform about them.   

Sulochana prays god to give happiness to Purvi from hereon and says this is called Pavitra Rishta. Ovi comes and says she is telling right and says she could not resist coming here hearing about Ankita’s marriage. She says she would not have forgiven herself if she would not have united them. Arjun says they are happy. Purvi asks why is Pari behaving like this.

Pari reminisces Rushali telling that she will not help her. She then reminisces Ankita telling that nobody can separate her from Naren and Arjun trying to console her.

Arjun comes to her room and tries to console her, but she says she does not want to listen to her and asks why did not come back when she needed him and says she does not need him now. Arjun says he agrees his mistake. She says he did injustice to her and her mother and says his injustice made her independent and it does not make a difference if he comes back or not.

Precap: Serial’s finale episode is promoted..

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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Pavitra Rishta 21st October 2014 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 21st October 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Ranvijay asking Ankita to get marry and gives her hand in Naren’s hand. Everyone smiles. Ankita is surprised. Ranvijay says I don’t want to become villian in your love story. Ankita says you lied to me. Ranvijay says I have trust on your love. He tells that Naren came to meet him in the morning and thanked him for taking care of Ankita.   

A flashback is shown. Ranvijay asks him did you ever think about Ankita. She was pregnant with your child. Naren tells him that he was unaware of Ankita’s importance in his life. He says now everything seems to be fine as Ankita wants to marry him. Ranvijay is stunned. Naren continues that Ankita loves him very much. He says he wants to give love to Ankita and asks him to understand them. Ranvijay says I am feeling good as you are trying to get your love. If Ankita tells me that she wants to marry you then I will move from your way. Flashback ends.   

Ranvijay tells Ankita that he acted with Pari too and says she came to me, but couldn’t be successful in her attempt. He congratulates Naren. Naren hugs him. Ankita thanks Ranvijay. Ranvijay asks her to be happy always. He says lets start the sangeet. Naren holds Ankita’s hand and takes her to complete the rituals. Pari gets irked. Rushaali stops Pari and asks her to eat sweets. Pari goes.   

Neelima tells Ankita that they are with Ranvijay and his decision. They can’t separate her with Ashi and Naren. Rushaali asks them to start the music. Naren bends down and gives his hand to Ankita. Ankita and Naren dance on the song Mera Haath Me Tere Haath Ho……………………..Naren and Ankita look very much in love.   

In the night while Ankita is standing near the window, Naren comes and holds her close. Ankita smiles. He asks what are you looking at? Ankita says am looking at moon. She talks about moon and its chakor.   

Naren promises her that moon will never be alone and its chakor will be with it always. Ankita hugs him. She says I don’t want to separate from you. Naren says it won’t happen. I promise we will be together always. Ankita says I trusts you. Naren says this will be new beginning of ours.   

Neelima sees Ranvijay sad and talks to him. Ranvijay tells Neelima that his love is of no use as his love is one sided love. Neelima says she can understand. She adds that she knows that he loves her truly but love is not all about getting love. It is about sacrificing. She feels proud of him as he united Naren and Ankita. She feels bad though as Ankita couldn’t become her daughter in law. She hugs him while consoling him. Vaishnavi comes and says I love you to Ranvijay.   

Pari is listening to music. Neena comes and scolds her for listening to loud music. Pari says I will dance too. Teju tells Neena that Pari is tensed and that’s why doing all this. Pari gets a photo album. She takes out Purvi and Arjun’s marriage photo. She talks to Purvi’s pic and says our destiny is same. My sister snatched my love and husband. You left me when I needed you the most. I hates everyone.   

Naren comes to Ankita and tells her good morning. She asks what are you doing here. He serves her bed time. Ankita tells him that it is good. Naren says it has ginger in it.   

Ashi comes and gives good morning kiss to her parents. Ashi asks what to wear in your mehendi and shaadi. Naren says we will go on shopping. Ashi says your choice is not good. Ankita, Naren and Ashi laugh.   

Neena talks to Sachin and says who will help them with money now and says now Manav and Archana also won’t help them. Pari hears them and offers to help them financially provided if they help her to stop Ankita and Naren’s wedding. Neena asks, how? Sachin refuses to help her straightaway. He tells her that Ankita is a good girl and let her marry Naren. He tells that he has realized his mistake and goodness of his parents. They always forgave him irrespective of his mistakes. He says he can’t do anything against his family and will safeguard his family.   

He asks Pari to mend her ways. Pari asks him not to lecture her and goes. Sachin warns Neena not to do anything wrong else it won’t be good for her. Neena thinks Sachin is right. She thinks Ankita will forgive her being kind hearted.

 Pavitra Rishta finale episode promo is shown, which is to be aired on 25th October 2014.
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Monday, 20 October 2014

Pavitra Rishta 20th October 2014 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 20th October 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Pari telling Ankita that she won her challenge of not divorcing Naren and says she can marry Ranvijay and lead a happy life in his village/banaras. Neelima asks who is she. Ranvijay says she is Ankita’s sister and Naren’s wife.   

Ranvijay reads Ankita’s diary that she loves only Naren and though she marries anyone, he will be her husband by heart. Ranvijay says that Ankita loves only Naren from the beginning. Rushali comes to his room and tells she has to confess her sin.   

Naren comes to Ankita’s room and sees her drying her hair after bath. He says what is she wearing in today’s ceremony. She asks him to go out as somebody will see them. He gifts her black saree which he bought long back. She reminisces him gifting her when he was insane. He pulls her over him on bed and they both share a romantic moment.   

Pari enters Ankita’s room and sees Naren and her together. Ankita says her that she told her that if she and Naren loves each other, then they will be together and says she knows you brainwashed Ranvijay, but he is a good man and will take a right decision, if not, she will correct him.   

Rushali after accepting her mistake thinks Ranvijay will not marry Ankita. Ranvijay after hearing Rushali and reading Ankita’s diary thinks he should not do a mistake. He reads Vaishnavi’s letter requesting not to marry Ankita and to let her be with Ashi and Naren. He sees Vaishnavi standing in front of her and asks why did not she tell him directly. She says she does not have courage to tell this and still wants Ankita as mother, but Ashi needs her more than her.

Ankita comes down for the function. Music plays and Ranvijay tries to dance with her, but she asks to stop music and says Ranvijay is her good friend and he has seen how she used to writhe in pain remembering Naren and says she is only Naren’s, but how can he think of marrying her even after knowing this.   

She says she wants to marry him for his help, but he wants to encash it, says even she took care of Vaishnavi and only excepted love, nothing else. She says she loves only Naren and cannot love both him and Ashi, cannot live without Naren and says she cannot marry him now. She says Naren has changed now and it was his bad past, now he is a good man.
Ranvijay says at last you spoke up and says Naren that he won. He says he liked Ankita standing for herself today and says when she met him, he was very arrogant and did not believe in love, but started loving her and decided to marry only her, Naren came in between them.

He says he realized Ankita loves only Naren and he wanted to give hand in Naren’s and walk out happily after she speaks up. He says she has to marry….

Serial’s finale episode is being announced.
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Friday, 17 October 2014

Pavitra Rishta 17th October 2014 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 17th October 2014 Written Update
The episode starts with Ranvijay going out of house and meeting Pari. Pari says she needs his help. He asks what help she needs. She says today is his haldi, but Naren will try to stop it. She says he does not know the total story. He asks what is it. She says Ashi is Naren and Ankita’s child. Ranvijay says it is true, then Ankita should marry Naren. She says Naren is just playing around. He first married Ankita, then left her and married her, now wants to marry back Ankita as she is rich now. He asks how can Ankita not see this. She says Ankita is blind in love and is eager to marry Naren. She says Ranvijay that he has to marry Ankita to save her and other’s married life. She asks him to think about Vaishnavi who cannot stay without Ankita. She says if Naren finds another rich girl, he will leave Ankita and marry her. She again requests him to marry Ankita and leaves, smirking.

Ankita enters Ranvijay’s room. He is already ready for the marriage with sherwani. He asks if she is worried about Ashi and says after marriage, he will adopt Ashi and take care as her own daughter. She asks how does she know. He says someone told her. She says Naren sir. He says he knows Naren wants to marry her and says if she marries Naren, he will ruin her life. He says he just wants to see her happy and says he will not let her make a same mistake which she did 5 years ago, says Naren is selfish and married Pari leaving her. He says she is part of his life now and has to marry him at any cost. She asks if he means she should marry for he favours he did. He says Vaishnavi cannot live without you and even he cannot see her marrying Naren and says marrying Naren is like making suicide and asks her to go and get ready. He thinks he had to force her as he does not want Naren to ruin her life, so he has to marry her.

Naren looks at black sari and asks Sunaanda if he bought it for Ankita. She says yes and asks him to go down and stop marriage. Naren says god has complicated my life and does not what he has kept for me. Sunanda says god does not do everyone, one has to take their own stand. He says he will wait, if Ankita loves him, she will come back and says he will see if fate is in his favor or not. She says she cannot leave everything on faith. He says he is sure Ankita will marry her.

Sunanda comes down and sadly sits among guests. Neelima asks Naren to bring Ankita.

Ankita thinks what is she doing, why is she so confused. Naren comes into her room and locks it from inside. He says he will apply haldi on her. She says she is marrying Ranvijay and only he can apply haldi on her. He says love is bigger than anything and nobody can separate us. She closes her eyes and he applies haldi/turmeric on her face and says happy haldi. They both share a romantic moment. Naren touches her cheeks with his and applies haldi on himself. Mere haath me tera haath ho….fanaa… song plays in the background.

Ranvijay knocks Ankita’s door and asks her come out for haldi. She says she is changing and will come in 2 minutes. Naren says like he applied haldi/turmeric, he will marry her in front of everyone tomorrow. Ankita and Naren come down together. Everyone are surprised to see them together. She slips and is about to fall, but he holds her. He then holds her hand and says like he applied haldi in front of everyone, he will marry her also. Ranvijay gets irked seeing them together. Ankita goes and sits beside Ranvijay for haldi rasam. Neelima and Kavita apply haldi on them. Pari reaches there with sweets. Rushali sees her and asks what is she doing here. Pari says it is her sister’s marriage today and hands over sweet box to her. She challenges her that Naren will not marry Ankita.

Pari says Naren that still their relationship is not over and he cannot marry Ankita.

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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Pavitra Rishta 16th October 2014 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 16th October 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Ranvijay professing his love for Ankita and telling he wants to marry her. A nurse comes and asks him not to speak to much as he has just come out of coma. He asks Ankita to reply to his questions. She thinks what to reply, says she will get water for him and leaves. He thinks she has not changed at all and is worried about him even now.
Pari starts drinking alcohol and congratulates Ankita’s pic that she is celebrating as Ranvijay came out of coma and will marry her soon. She says Naren will not marry her now and Ranvijay will marry her instead and reminisces the drama she played.

    She meets Ranvijay and introduces herself as Ankita’s sister, apologizes for the accident, says Ankita loves you so much and took care of you like a wife, shows him news where Ankita is being criticized for having a mysterious man/Ranvijay in her life, etc. She asks him to marry Ankita to stop people’s humiliation and requests him not to tell about her meeting to Ankita. She comes out of flashback and thinks she did her work and now let us see what Ankita does.
Ankita brings Ranvijay and his parents to Naren’s house and says they can stay here now. She introduces them to Sunanda. Ranvijay’s mom thanks her for getting Ranvijay out of coma and requests her to marry Ranvijay within a week. Sunanda and Naren are shocked to hear that. Ankita says they should not hurry. Dad says it is already late. She asks them to get into their room and rest. Once they leave, Sunanda asks Naren why is Ankita not informing them that she wants to marry you. Naren says there must be some reason.
Rushali sees Pari happily playing game on her mobile and asks why is she happy and then gives her sweets. Pari asks what are these sweets for. Rushali says Ankita agreed to marry Naren. Pari says Ankita will not marry Naren now as she brainwashed Ranvijay to marry Ankita. Rushali asks why did she do this. Pari asks her to come on her side as she will benefit from it. Rushali says she is on Ankita’s side now and will not let anybody harm her.

Ankita meets Naren. He asks why did she take so much time. She says she was with Ranvijay’s family. He asks what has she decided about her marriage. She says she is confused as Ranvijay’s family helped her a lot and tells that they are expecting a lot from her and thinking that everything is same like before, but things have changed and she does not know what to do. Naren asks if she will marry Ranvijay now and asks if she does not love him at all, then why she wants to marry him. Ankita says Vaishnavi calls her as choti maa and that is the reason she was marrying Ranvijay, she forgot everything and accepted to marry him, but now that both of them are there, she wants to get back to them. Naren says he will not become selfish and force her, but he loves her a lot and wants to marry her. Ankita says maybe fate does not want us to unite.
Rushali brings Ashi and Vaishnavi there and says Vaishnavi that if your papa rejects to marry Ankita, she will marry Naren. Vaishnavi says hope Ankita could become her mom.
Ranvijay’s family happily decorate Naren’s house for Ankita’s haldi with Ranvijay. They share a lighter moment. Sunanda hears Ashi telling Vaishnavi that her mom will marry her papa now. She thinks how to stop it.

Manav says Archana that he is thinking of remarrying her. She says let our granddaughter marry first, then we can marry. He asks if she is serious. He asks her to stop kidding. He then gets a call from his friend that he is ill and says he will come there. He informs Archana about it and says he will have attend his friend now and will come back before Ankita’s marriage.
Naren and Ankita share a romantic moment..
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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Pavitra Rishta 15th October 2014 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 15th October 2014 Written Update
The episode starts with Naren telling Ankita that he wants to give back the happiness he snatched from her and requests her to marry him again. Ankita walks out without telling anything. Manav and Sunanda says Ankita loves you a lot and will come back to you for sure.

Pari reminisces Manav warning her that she would lose Naren forever if she does not mend her ways and then Naren asking her to sign divorce papers. Kinnari comes and tells her about Naren getting back the memory of all the time spent with Ankita and says she has lost him now. Pari shouts at her and asks her to leave her alone. Kinnari says your situation is because of your arrogant nature and says Ankita is much better than you who will forgive me if I apologize and says Naren and Ankita’s marriage will depend on her decision now.

Ankita sees a god idol in hospital and says she has lost everytime and waited for Naren to get back memory, but when he is remembering everything, she cannot ruin Pari’s life. She says she is confused whom to think about, Pari, Naren, Ranvijay, Vaishnavi… Archana comes and asks if she is confused and asks if mother or wife is confused. She says if a mother is confused, then she should go back to her daughter’s father and if a wife is confused, then she should think if her husband can live without her. Sunanda says Archana is telling right, Naren did all this unknowningly. Archana says you did your best for Pari and you are not responsible for her self-destroyal. Sunanda asks her not to force her decision on Naren and let him take a decision. Archana asks her to ask Ashi’s opinion and then decide.

Pari’s goon changes as wardboy. Pari gives him a poisonous injection and asks him to give it to Ranvijay. Goon says he can strangle him and kill. She says he will either get out of coma or die and if he comes out of coma, she will be benefited.

Ankita meets Ashi and cries emotionally. Rushali comes and apologizes her for her mistake and asks her not to punish Naren for her mistake, to accept Naren and Ashi. Ankita asks Ashi to go with Rushali and says she will come later.

Ranvijay condition worsens. Pari thinks she thought he would come out of coma, but he will die.

Ankita reminisces her marriage with Naren and promising him that she will take care of him. She gets into his room and cries looking at him. Naren wakes up and requests her to give him one more chance. Ankita agrees to marry him and hugs him. She gets a call from someone and says she will come there. Naren asks what happened. She says ranvijay got out of coma and has to go now. Sunanda asks Naren if Ankita agreed for marriage. He says yes. She asks then where did she run. Naren says Ranvijay got out of coma. She asks who is this now. He says Ankita was about to marry him.

Ankita takes Vaishnavi to meet Ranvijay. Ranvijay gets happy seeing them. He asks about his parents. She says they will come soon. He then sends Vaishnavi to play outside and thanks Ankita for taking care of his family. She says she should thank him instead. He says he saw who made accident and even Naren. He says he wants to marry her now.

Ranvijay’s mother requests Ankita to marry Ranvijay within this week. Naren and Sunanda get sad hearing this..
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