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Pavitra Rishta 1st September 2014 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 1st September 2014 Written Update
The episode starts with Kinnari leaving Vaishnavi at the park. Vaishnavi tries to stop her but in vain. She starts crying saying mummy where are you? Some stranger comes to her and asks what happened? Vaishnavi tells her that aunty left her in the park. The man takes her to have icecream and assures to drop her home. He says your family will come and take you. He gets icecream for her and calls Ramesh to come to the park.

Kinnari comes to her mom and asks what are you doing? Her mom says she is having massage relaxer at the cheapest rate. Kinnari asks, what you will do by saving money. Her mom asks her to tell whether she was successful at her work. Kinnari says, she left Kinnari at the park and brought other kids home. Her mom says, didn’t they ask you about Vaishnavi. Kinnari says no. She says, Naren met me but didn’t ask anything. Kinnari says, Vaishnavi will get lost in the big city like Mumbai. Manav come and asks who is lost? Sonu tells him that Vaishnavi was lost in the garden. Kinnari’s mom asks Manav to search for Vaishnavi. Manav asks, which garden? Kinnari says public garden.

The goon asks Vaishnavi to have one more icecream. Vaishnavi refuses. The goon tells her that he will drop her home. Ramesh comes and threatens her to come with them silently else they will take her forcibly. The goon asks Ramesh to handle her patiently and goes to talk to her. He takes her in his lap and leaves.

Manav and Shashank come to the garden. Manav enquires with the watchman about Vaishnavi. Watchman says, kids left long ago. Manav tells Shashank that we will go to the police station. Watchman asks him not to go to the Police station and asks the description of girl. Manav gives the description. Watchman says, that girl was sitting there having icecream, but when I returned after having pan she was not there. Manav gets worried and asks him to work sincerely.

Mansi shouts at kids for being careless. Teju says they are kids and scolds Kinnari for being careless and leaving her there. Kinnari says, she didn’t think of Vaishnavi and forgot about her. Teju says, it is your responsibility when you took her there. Kinnari’s mom says, Manav ji will get her. Mansi and Teju get worried about her. Teju says, she is new in the city and don’t know anything about our address. Teju gets Manav’s call. She informs Mansi that Manav went to the Police station. Kinnari says it was my fault.

Naren comes home and takes Ashi in his arms. Ashi asks her will you leave me alone, Dada. Naren asks, why you are asking this. Teju says because you brought kids home leaving Vaishnavi.

Kinari’s mom gets scared thinking Manav will get her arrested. Kinnari gets scared too. Her mom says, they won’t do anything with you as you are Karmarkar’s bahu. Kinnari asks her to think something. Kinnari thinks please bappa help me. Kinnari’s mom is leaving silently. Teju wakes up and asks where are you going? Kinnari’s mom tells her that she is going to Nagpur. Teju says, you can go in the morning. Kinnari’s mom lies to her saying Kinnari’s dad is not well and asks her to forgive Kinnari. Teju asks, is Kinnari’s dad really ill or you are lying. She doubts her.

Naren comes to the place where Vaishnavi is being held captive. The goons ask what you wants? Naren says, I came to take kids. He asks them to show the kids. They agree to sell the kids. Naren looks at the kids and asks about the handicapped kids. The goons bring Vaishnavi with other kids. Vaishnavi recognizes him and calls him uncle. The goons start fighting with Naren. Naren beats them. Police comes and arrests the goons. Manav and Shashank come there. Naren saves Vaishnavi. Manav asks them to come.

Ankita sees Vaishnavi and gets worried for her. She says she was scared. Vaishnavi tells her that Naren uncle saved her. MAnav tells her that Naren saved Vaishnavi and puts his life in danger for that. Ankita thanks Naren. Naren says, he did wrong with her and if he does something for her then he feels good and leaves. Vaishnavi asks Ankita to take her to Ranvijay. Naren stops and hears them. He feels guilty. He hopes Ranvijay gets well soon.

Ankita checks Ashi and says she is having high fever. Rushaali says she called the Doctor but. Ankita takes her and says she will take her to the hospital. Rushaali asks her to stop. Ankita says, nobody can stop me from taking her to the hospital.
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Friday, 29 August 2014

Pavitra Rishta 29th August 2014 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 29th August 2014 Written Update
The episode starts with Ashi and Vaishnavi fighting while playing. Ashi goes to her home. Vaishnavi then goes to a sweet shop and then sees a lady fighting with shopkeeper for keeping stale sweets, gives him half money and leaves. Vaishnavi thinks of teaching her a lesson, goes and clashed with her and falls. People gather and ask Lady to take her to the hospital. Lady says she is her neighbour and will take care. She gives her money and asks her to buy chocs. Lady is Kinnari’s mom, she meets her and tells her about the incident. She says girl is Vaisnavi who came with Ankita. Lady says she would have not given her money if she knew about it and asks her to come with her instead of staying in a chawl. Kinnari says she cannot come as she is helping Pari who wants Ankita get out and once she Ankita is out, Manav’s property will be Pari’s, then she can also enjoy the luxuries. She asks her to give some money till then. Lady says she is shameless to ask money after marriage. Kinnari says she needs 20 k for shopping. Lady agrees hesistantly. Kinnari asks her to given an idea to send Ankita back to Banaras. Lady says she should force Vaishnavi go back to Banaras, then Ankita will go behind her. She asks her to divert Ankita’s attention from company towards Vaishanvi, she herself will leave the company.

Mansi serves food to Manav and Teju. She asks about Vaishnavi. Manav says she has gone out. Teju says she sent her to bring salt. Kinnari and her mom joins Manav for lunch. Mom asks about Ankita and Archana and then says she is happy that Kinnari is staying with you people. She praises Manav for helping Kinnari and Karmarkar family and thanks him, says she says repay him by making Kinnari work for his company and starts buttering him and says he is looking lean, asks Kinnari to take care of Manav. She eats food and praises Mansi for preparing tasty food, says Kinnari to learn it from Mansi. Neighbour drops Vaishnavi and says she forgot house, so he brought her here. Kinnari says Vaishnavi misbehaved with her mom. Vaishnavi says the whole incident happened. Manav asks her to apologize mom and says lady she should not have done that. Vaishanvi asks Mansi to add more salt in food. Ashi says she likes less salt. Mansi says even Ankita likes less sat. Vaishnavi and Ashi start arguing that Ankita loves more. Manav asks how did she forgot house address. Mom says usually village people forget addresses. Vaishnavi says she will remember from now on. Mom says Kinnari that she should teach this kid lesson. Pari comes home and Manav asks her to have food. She says she is busy and gets in. Teju says she is still angry about Ankita becoming MD.

Vaishnavi asks Mansi about Ankita. Ankita says she will come tomorrow. Vaishnavi says she will play with doll till then. Kinnari comes there and Teju asks if she came to cut vegetables. Kinnari says no and says she can take kids out. She says she hates them, but then says she loves them a lot. Mansi hesitates to send kids with her, but agrees on Teju’s insistence. Kinnari’s mom asks her to do her work carefully.

Kinnari takes kids to a park and they start playing. They ask her to buy balloon. She scolds them, but then buys them balloons. She thinks of executing her mom’s plan and thinks what if someone sees her. She asks Vaishnavi to come with her and takes her to a swinger. While vaishnavi is busy playing, she gets kids icecream and tries to take them home witout Vaishnavi when Naren comes there. She gets tensed and thinks what to answer if he asks about Vaishnavi. Naren takes kids home leaving Vaishnavi in a park.

Manav says both Ankita and Pari are his grandaughters and if he pleases one, another will get angry. He then promotes Neeli Chatri Wale serial.
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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Pavitra Rishta 28th August 2014 Written Update
The episode starts with Mansi telling Teju about Pari troubling Ankita again. Teju says Ankita has come back stronger now and knows to face her problems, she will not give heed to Pari’s threats. Mansi says hope she is right and says she cannot see Ankita in pain.

Prashanth asks Ankita to tell if she sees any problem in work. Ankita says she sees problem in technical department and asks him to send someone from that department. He says that department is handled by Naren. She says she Azoba has given her a great responsibility and she does not want to disappoint him. She asks him to send Naren. Prashanth informs Naren about Ankita calling him in her cabin. Ankita sees Naren from her cabin and reminisces how he taught her job, etc.

Pari goes to cafeteria and orders cold coffee. She hears staff talking about Ankita who had disappeared for a long time and then appeared suddenly as MD. They say they are sorry about Pari who was MD aspirant and then even lose her house due to some case. Pari gets irked hearing that and starts scolding staff that it is none of their business and says soon she will be company’s MD. Staff says they are just discussing the fact and suggest her to mend her ways, else she will be thrown out of the company. Pari shouts nobody can kick her out of her azoba’s company.

Mansi serves food for Prashanth and Shashank. Prashanth says Pari had to greet Ankita against her wish. Mansi says he should not joke about her. Prashanth says she deserves it as she is very arrogant. Mansi says we cannot become like her and after all she is our sister. Prashanth says why should not he as he got an opportunity now, says he cannot see Ankita crying always. Shashank says Ankita does not joke about anybody. Mansi says Ankita taught us to behave with everyone and she is very strong and can handle everything. Prashanth gets a call from Ankita who informs that she is going to Bangalore on a business meeting. He says he will come with her. She says she will go alone. Prashanth says Mansi that you are right Ankita is strong and can handle everything alone.

Pari starts badmouthing about Ankita and says Naren that Ankita took everything from her. She says he has changed a lot and not a guy whom she loved. Naren says even Ankita told the same thing and they both start verbal argument. He says she does not care about Ashi. She says she is neither my daughter nor yours, so why should she care about her. He then says Ankita has gone to Bangalore and has given him a project to complete. Pari says even we should have gone there. He says she is MD and decides who will go and we just have to follow her orders. Pari gets irked and goes to sleep. Naren thinks maybe pari is right, but he does not feel angry on Ankita as he always troubled her and even tried to take out her husband.

Vaishnavi gets sad and asks Manav when will her mummy come back. Manav starts playing trick with her and gifts her a doll. He then makes her sleep.

Manav says he wants to speak to her. She says she is getting late as she has to report someone whom he made a boss. He asks that is the reason she is angry on him. She says she worked for this company and says he would have at least set some criteria and given her a chance. He says for him both she and Ankita are same and says Ankita also has experience as she worked under Naren and knows how to handle business. He says he gave her also equal opportunity and says to get Ankita out of her sorrows, he had to give her opportunity and she deserved it. He says she will realize later that howmuch Ankita and he love her and says she has a family and should concentrate more on business, says Ankita has only MD position and no family. Pari says she wants to become successful and says some day he will realize his mistake. Manav says she is wrong, but she does not listen to him and leaves. He says some day she will realize her mistake soon.

Kinnari asks her mother to give her an idea to send Ankita back. She suggests to send Vaishani back to Banaras, Ankita will go back with her..
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Pavitra Rishta 27th August 2014 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 27th August 2014 Written Update
The episode starts with Rushali waiting outside bathroom. Neena comes and says it is Vaishnavi inside. Once comes out of bathroom and plays a prank that she has filled cold water for her, but when Rushali puts her hand in bucket, she gets angry that it is hot water. She comes out and starts scolding Vaishnavi and Ankita. Ankita asks her to relax and stop badmouthing about her, else she will reveal her secret and will kick her out. Neena hears whole conversation and thinks Ankita has come back as a dictator.

Ankita gets Vaishnavi ready and says she will admit her to the school. Vaishnavi says she does not have friends. Ankita says she will get many in school.

Ashi watches Ankita braiding Vaishnavi’s hair and thinks she should also get her hair braided. She asks Pari to get her hair braided like choti maa did to Vaishnavi. Pari scolds her for calling Ankita as choti maa and asks her to get her hair braided by Ankita itself.

She comes back sadly to Ankita and asks her to braid her hair. Ankita braids her hair. Ashi says her mom asked not to call he choti maa. Ankita says she can call choti maa. Rushali sees Ashi with Ankita and gets angry. She takes with her from there. Ankita gets sad with Rushali’s behaviour.   

Mansi sees Prashanth praying god and asks what is special today. He says today is special day for all of us as Ankita will be taking charge as MD and he was praying god for her. Mansi says he is right, hope our happiness continue like this and god will listen to our prayers for sure. She takes him to breakfast table. He says he does not want to have food as he is having party in office.   

Naren prepares Ashi’s tiffin box. Pari comes there and says she wants to talk to him. He says he has to drop Ashi school. Pari says Rushali will drop her school and asks him to come in as it is important. Once he gets into the room, she asks him to shut the door and asks why was he with Ankita in the temple and starts fighting with him. He has what happened to her. She asks him to keep away from Ankita as she will trap him. Naren says if she has to trap me, she can kick us out of her house. Pari says she does not want to listen to him as she has to reach office now.   

Prashanth gives Pari bouquet and asks her to greet Ankita with this. Once Ankita comes in with Teju, whole staff claps for her and gives bouquet. Teju introduces Ankita as their company’s new MD. Prashanth forces Pari to greet Ankita. Pari with her typical wierd face congratulates Ankita. Ankita goes near Naren who also congratulates her. Ankita shakes hands with him and says hope they will enjoy working together. Teju takes Ankita to the cabin. Staff congratulates Pari for Ankita’s new position and says her sister is a new MD now. Pari gets irked hearing that.   

Pari comes home and Ashi shows her new dress gifted by Ankita. Pari scolds her and sends her from there. Mansi asks why is she scolding Ashi. Pari says she is irked with Ankita as she ruined her life. She had to lose her house, career, etc., because of her. She says Mansi she cannot understand as she is not career oriented and is happy with her family and children. Mansi says she is telling right, but she is happy with her family and does not want to run behind money and property and get jealous like her. She says when she is complaining that Azoba did not give her property, even she should complain as she is also Azoba’s grand daughter. She says she is happy for Ankita and says even she should thank Ankita as she left her happiness for her and left even the city. She Ankita does not complain at all and gets happy even when she does not have money. She says she should stop thinking about money and should concentrate on her husband and daughter, else she will be alone forever. Pari gets irked and leaves from there.
Teju comes to Mansi and asks why is she not in pooja and why is she looking tensed. Mansi tells what Pari told. Teju says she can understand her concern and cannot believe Pari can do that. Mansi says she is afraid of Pari now and worried for Ankita, nobody will gain from it, but she is also worried about Pari as she is her sister. She says Pari troubled Ankita even before.   

Ankita asks Prashanth to send someone from technical department as she is finding some irregularities there. Prashanth says Naren handles that department..
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Pavitra Rishta 26th August 2014 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 26th August 2014 Written Update
The episode starts with Mansi and Shashank getting ready to play Devki and Vasudev. Teju comes and says your Kanha is also ready. She tells them that Neena and Sachin are playing Kans Mama and Bhootna. Sachin and Neena practice their dialogues. Neena enacts the dialogues. Sachin says he got bored of reciting the dialogue. Teju asks Neena to enact the character of Kans as it is perfect for her. Neena says, you should act Mantra. Teju says, we are doing Krishna Leela.

Naren dresses up like Krishna. Aashi looks at him. Naren gets flashes of Ankita. Rushaali comes. Naren tells her that Aashi told her something. Rushaali thinks Aashi is behaving like Ankita and thinks to hides the truth. She asks God to help her. She tells him that Pari is not happy that’s why she is not coming for the festival. Naren goes to her.

Teju, Prashant and Teju prepare for the puja. Prashant asks Teju, did Aaji and Azooba reach there? Teju says she will call them. Shashank says, we are missing them. We shall be happy as they went to Mathura on Janmasthami. This break is necessary for them. It is good that Ankita come back. He asks about Ankita. Mansi says, don’t know.

Ankita tells Vaishnavi that she don’t want to become Radha. Ankita dresses up like Radha. She asks her to go. She thinks she is not having her Kanha in life so how can she become Radha. She looks at the Lord and thinks she can’t be far from him. She asks Kanha to tell her.

Naren asks Pari not to back out. Pari says, she has to go to friend’s place. She says, this plan is made by Ankita not me. Naren says, Aashi will feel good. Pari says, she doesn’t like to see Ankita’s face and tells him that Aashi is not her baby. Rushaali says, I know that you are not her real mom but atleast you can try. Rushaali thinks if you don’t give her motherly love then Ankita……

Krishna Leela play starts. Shashank and Mansi play Vasudev and Devki. Panditji tells about the Krishna’s birth story and sings. Ankita looks happily. He tells about Kans getting Kanha kidnapped and trying to kill him. Bhootna dies. He tells about Yashoda maa and little Kanha. Ankita, Prashant and Naren look happily. Kanha is played by Aashi. Panditji continues to say about Kanha’s Leela.

Teju asks Ankita why you are sad. Ankita says, she is not sad, but wonders about Krishna and Devika. She says, Kanha is always Devki’s son. Aashi comes to Ankita and asks her to become her Dada’s Radha. Ankita is shocked. Naren asks her to come. Aashi requests Ankita and insists her to become Naren’s Radha. Rushaali comes and says your Dada’s Radha is your mumma. Priya comes and says she wants her to become Radha. Teju asks Ankita to agree for kids’ sake. Ankita gets emotional as Aashi hugs her. She agrees. Aashi compliments Ankita’s beauty and says you are more beautiful than my mom. She asks Ankita to dance with her Dada. Prashant says, we shall stop this. Mansi says, we shall know whether she doesn’t care for Naren or is just acting.

Naren plays the basuri while Ankita dances as Radha. Krishna Krishna Radha Radha plays…………….Naren looks at Ankita. He holds her hand and pulls her closer. Everyone is happy to see them together and applaud for them. Rushaali gets tensed. Ankita gets uncomfortable.

Ankita asks Rushaali to keep her mouth shut. She says, this house is mine. If you have any problem then leave this house.
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Pavitra Rishta 25th August 2014 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 25th August 2014 Written Update
The episode starts with Ankita seeing coming to her room and saying she knew she would come. Pari says it is her house and says she has to come go back as she is trying to intrude her property and she tried to ruin her life 5 years back and now also she has come back and will ruin her life. Ankita asks her to forget that she will go back and says she has not come back for the property, but to teach her and Naren a lesson and says she left Naren herself 5 years back and tells the rason behind it. She even says she does not want Azoba’s property and says she is sorry for her house sale, says Naren sold it for your and Naren’s mistake. She says now she will not go back and says they way she is feeling sorry for Naren, even she is feeling sorry as she was her husband. Pari says she does not believe her story, which only Azoba and Aaji believes it and says she will see how long she will stay here. Ankita says let us see who will stay and who will go.

Ashi says Naren that people are performing janmastami pooja and wearing new clothes, even she wants new clothes. Pari says she bought her clothes few days back and will not buy again. Naren asks her to stop scolding Ashi and promises Ashi that he will bring Krishna idol and new clothes for her. Pari says why did he make fake promise to her and says they have to save money now instead of spending.

Ankita brings Krishan’s idol to Pari and Naren’s portion of chawl. Pari asks her why did she come to her house. Ankita it is her house as Azoba gave the whole property to her and says she will perform janmastami pooja tonight.

Ankita goes to temple and sees Naren there. Naren says he wants to talk to her. She asks if he wants to deny his involvement in accident, she will not believe him as she herself saw everything and says he will have to accept truth in front of everyone. He can just say sorry to her, nothing else. Ankita says she has come to get justice for Ranvijay. Naren says he is helpless and will not accept it. Ankita says he is not helpless but trying to hide his mistake and says she is happy that he is not her husband and her Naren was not like this. She says he was better as a mad person as he behaved like a human that time. Naren thinks if he tells the truth, Pari will be in trouble.

Ankita comes back home and thinks she came here to get justice for Ranvijay, but she is again falling for Naren and prays god to show her a way. A voice tells her to hear her heart’s voice. She thinks she is listening to her heart and prays to give her strength in getting justice to Ranvijay. Mansi comes there and says Priya is like you and always tries to show her superiority. She asks what did she do. She says why did she go without informing them. She says she came back for them. Prashanth says she has come to take revenge from Naren and Pari and heard what Pari told her. Ankita says she does not care what Pari told and has just come for her siblings. Prashanth says he knows she is telling lie and asks her to share her sorrows with him anytime she likes.

Mansi asks Ankita when she went from here, she was pregnant and asks where is her child. Ankita says she had come to this world, but lifeless and says he would have been of Priya’s age and she would have pampered him like she pampers Priya and says when this tragedy struck me, nobody was with her and she was alone. She emotionally cries and hugs. She hears Ashi singing her song and goes in search of the voice. She sees a baby girl signing this song and reminisces she used to sing it for Naren. Ashi sees Ankit and hugs her. Ankita reminisces meeting her in Agra and asks why is she here and what is her name. Ashi says her name is Arushi Karmarkar. Ankita asks who taught you this song. She says her dadda/father taught this song and shows Naren. Naren says she is her daughter. Ankita goes from there after seeing Naren. Ashi asks Naren why did she go, says she likes her and asks if she is angry on her. Naren says may be.

Ankita asks god if it is his wish that she should stay with her family.
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Friday, 22 August 2014

Pavitra Rishta 22nd August 2014 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 22nd August 2014 Written Update 

The episode starts with Ankita reminiscing her marriage with Naren and her happier times spent with him and get sad. She then reminisces him giving her a gift and saying he will protect her throughout her life and reminisces he told lie and will accept his mistake soon.   

Archana asks him what happened. Ankita says Ranvijay’s accident happened from Naren’s car and then Naren bought police and evidences. Archana asks if that was the reason she came here and reminisces Ankita calling her and asking if she has a place in her house. Ankita says Naren will accept his mistake soon. Archana asks about Ranvijay’s condition.   

Ankita reminisces Naren going into coma and doc asking his parents to take him to mumbai. Panditji says he will take his son mumbai and asks ankita’s help. Neelima also agrees to let Ankita take Ranvijay mumbai for treatment. Ankita promises Neelima to take care of Ranvijay and to get justice for them.   

Archana then asks her to forget all this and to concentrate on her job. Ankita asks her why did she make her company’s MD. Archana says it was Manav’s decision and asks her to get ready for the responsibility.   

Mansi says her daughter they will enjoy Janmastami festival and asks her not to eat laddoos before pooja. Shashank’s mom says Ankita is lucky that Manav gave his property and business. Mansi says she deserves it. Mom says Manav would have given you also something as Shashank’s financial condition is not good and now they have child’s responsibility. Just then Shashank comes and says he does not want Manav’s money and gives toys to his daughter Priya.   

Ashi comes there and says she came to play with Priya and says her dad told our friends are like our siblings. Mansi says Naren is right and lets Priya play with her. She says Shashank that though Ashi is not related to her, she feels attached to him. Mom asks about Ankita’s kid. Mansi says she did not ask her. Shashank says everyone is irked with Manav’s decision.   

Neena and Sachin start badmouthing about Manav and say he did it as they are not his blood. Teju hears that and says baba does not think like that.   

Manav hears that, comes out and says Sachin that he gave him opportunities which he misused and now he does not have right to talk about his decision. He then starts feeling uneasy. Teju takes him back to his room.   

Prashant comes and thanks him for giving Ankita her deserved right. Manav says he wanted to give it before but delayed it.   

Pari sees flower bouquet given by her and gets irked. Rushali says she should stop this and think about Ankita as she has come back and has power and money now, she can ruin our life. Pari says she cannot do anything. Rushali says after she does, then sit and cry and start a blame game. She says Naren loved and lost everything for you and even took your accident blame. She says like Ankita snatched your property, she will snatch your husband. Pari says she will take back her property and not let her take back Naren. Rushali says hope it happens. Pari thinks Ankita has to go back.   

Ankita looks at sleeping Vaishnavi and thinks her life is ruined because of Naren. Naren has changed completely and is not the one whom she loved. She prays god to give her strength to take stringent decisions 

Pari says Ankita that she has to go back. Ankita asks her to forget it and says she has come back to make her realize her mistake.
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