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Pavitra Rishta 25th July 2014 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 25th July 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Pari asking Naren to come while he was feeling the rain. Some people asks Panditji if she will have a boy or girl. Panditji asks her to do baby shower and puja. They give him money. Ankita listens to him. Panditji tells Ankita that her face is brightening and says she will have a baby boy. Panditji’s wife says his prediction would be right. She says, I wants to do your baby shower. Ankita is touched and says I can’t refuse you. I am ready. They are happy.

Naren makes Pari’s ready for the baby shower ritual. Ankita is also sitting for the baby shower rituals. Everyone is happy. Ankita imagines Archana, Manav and Naren there. She gets emotional. Naren comes to her and kisses on her forehead. She looks for him and gets sad.

Rushaali tells Pari that they have kept the baby shower rasam. Archana and Manav bless her. Manav asks her to take care of her baby. Ovi tells her that she will make her Aaji and asks her to live the moment fully. Teju congrats her as well. Sulochana asks her to be happy and keep smiling. Archana prays for Ankita. Naren recalls something and goes to his room. He hears Ankita’s voice asking him to gift the toy as the right moment have come. He switches on the light. Archana comes and asks him to come. Naren opens the cupboard and asks Archana, who kept it here. Rushaali comes and tells that it was Naren’s childhood toy and asks him to give it to Pari.

Naren wakes up Pari and gives her juice. Naren gets a call. He asks his assistant to give the presentation. Pari asks, what is this. You won’t go to office even today. Naren says, he wants to be with her. Pari asks him to go to office else she will not have food. Naren agrees and asks her to finish the juice. Pari drinks the juice.

Naren is seen giving the presentation. Pari is at home and feels pain in her tummy. She calls Rushaali and Kinnari, but nobody comees. She calls Naren, his assistant cuts the call as Naren is busy with the presentation. Pari screams in pain. Naren sees her 5 missed calls and calls Pari. Pari asks him to come soon and tells about her pain. He rushes home and takes him in his car. They are in the car. Naren asks her not to worry as they will reach soon. Someone comes infront of the car and he puts the sudden breaks. He shouts Ahana.

Later they are seen in the hospital. Doctor tells Naren that your wife is fine, but we couldn’t save your baby. They are shocked. Doctor asks him to inform Pari. Naren goes to talk to Pari. Pari asks him about their child. Naren is silent and cries. Pari cries and says we have lost our child. Are you happy after killing our baby. You have killed my baby. She asks him not to touch her and holds him responsible for their child’s death. Naren tells her that he didn’t do it intentionally. Pari says, I called everyone but no one came to me when I am dying with pain. Everyone come there. Pari tells him that he is a murderer and accuses Naren. She goes mad. Doctor comes and gives injection to her. Doctor asks him to go out. Naren tells Rushaali that Pari is misunderstanding him. Manav asks him to give some time to Pari.

Ankita writes letter to Naren again. She reminiscences the moments spent with Naren. Mujko Irade De……………Sunraha haina Tu…………….Naren tells Pari to come for watching a movie. Pari refuses. Rushaali asks him to stop worrying. Naren says, Pari still believes that I am responsible for this.

Doctor tells Naren and Pari that the treatment’s result came negative. Naren asks, what do you mean. Doctor says, there is very little chances for Pari to become a mother. Pari gets sad.
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Pavitra Rishta 24th July 2014 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 24th July 2014 Written Update
The episode starts with Panditjis wife waking him in the night and tells him that Vaishnavi is missing. She didn’t reach home. She asks him to search her and tells her that she Ranvijay didn’t come home. Panditji knocks on Vishnu’s door and asks him to wake up. He asks him to come to search Ranvijay. Vishnu asks him not to worry. Panditji says, they are worried about Vaishnavi and have to inform Ranvijay. Kavita tells Panditji’s wife that may be Ankita took Vaishnavi with her.   

Panditji and Vishnu see Ranvijay sleeping on the road and inform him that Vaishnavi is missing. Ranvijay says, I don’t know and sleeps again. Vishnu tells Panditji that he doesn’t care about his own daughter and they goes to search her.   

Panditji sees Vaishnavi’s kundli in the morning and says she will soon come back to our house. Kavita tells that Ankita took Vaishnavi to Mumbai for begging purpose. Panditji asks her to think positive and speak positive. Ranvijay comes home and asks what happened? Panditji’s wife tells him that Vaishnavi is missing since night. she says, Ankita took their Vaishnavi with them. Ranvijay goes in search of her.   

Ankita brings Vaishnavi to a Ved/ Ayurvedic doctor. He asks her to have medicines and rest at home. Ankita makes Vaishnavi sit in the rickshaw. Ranvijay comes and sees them.   

Before Ankita can say anything, Ranvijay yells at Ankita for taking his daughter. Ved informs him that Ankita saved his daughter who suffered pneumonia. Ankita tells him that you ignored your daughter when she went to show her trophy. She waited for you and got drenched in water. She asks him to be responsible towards his daughter. Panditji and his family look on. Ankita says, you can’t forgive yourself if anything happens to your daughter. She asks him to make her feel his love.   

Ranvijay takes Vaishnavi and is going. Vaishnavi runs to Ankita saying she wants to go to Choti maa. She asks her not to go. Ankita promises her that she will come and asks her to go with Papa. She kisses her and asks her to take the medicines on time.   

Vaishnavi goes and hugs Ranvijay. Ranvijay kisses her. Meri Duniya Hain Tujhme Kahin plays…………..   

Panditji’s wife stops Ankita from going and says you did a big favour on us. You have changed our son. We have seen tears in his eyes for the first time. She asks her to stay at their home and says they want to do something for her. Panditji asks Vishnu to keep Ankita’s bag in the house.   

Ankita writes in the dairy that one month have passed and everyone take care of her very well. Ranvijay is still annoyed with her and doesn’t talk. Ankita serves the food to everyone. She writes again that this house is looking like hers. She asks Naren, how are you and asks him to be happy with his Ahana. Naren makes Pari drinks milk. Ankita writes, she can’t stay away from him but she spent one month without him.   

Prashant asks Mansi to rest. Ankita writes that she is in 5th month of pregnancy and her baby bump is showing up. Kavita serves achaar to Ankita and notices her baby bump. She informs Panditji’s wife. Ankita hears them and sits silent.

Panditji’s wife comes to Ankita and says she can understand her pain being a woman. She says, I know you are pregnant. I don’t have any complains with you and asks Ankita to share her story. She says, I can take care of you as a mother. Ankita gets emotional.   

She keeps on writing letters to Naren. Naren keeps his head on Pari’s tummy and says baby isn’t kicking. Pari says, she is just 3 months pregnant.   

Ankita writes that she is 6 months pregnant now and her baby kicked her for the first time. She writes that their child will be born soon and you are not aware of him/her.

Naren brings Pari to some street and takes icecream for her. Pari insists to eat Pani Puri and eats it. Suddenly it starts raining. Naren takes her in the car. Pari insists to feel the rain. Naren feels the rain and gets blurred flashes of Ankita. He closes his eyes.   

Panditji tells Ankita that she will be blessed with a son soon and says your face is brightening. Panditji’s wife tells her that he is right and tells her that she wants to do her baby shower. Ankita is touched by her words.
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Pavitra Rishta 23rd July 2014 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 23rd July 2014 Written Update
The episode starts with Naren looking at the cactus plant. Ankita comes to the plant nursery and takes Cactus plant. She recalls Naren’s words. Naren comes to the flower shop and buys Cactus plant. He thinks what is his connection with cactus plant.

    Ankita feels pain in her stomach. Naren drives the car and thinks why his finger is paining so much as only a little thorn pierced. He looks at the cactus plant and hits a pregnant woman. He comes out of the car and finds the woman missing. He gets shocked. He then sees the same woman walking on the road and thinks about Pari. He rushes home. Ankita feels pain and still buys a bouquet.

Naren comes home and asks Rushaali where is Pari. He comes to the room and asks are you fine. He tells that he saw a dream/ visual. Rushaali hears them. Pari thinks this might be related to Ankita and hopes her love makes him fine.
Sulochana talks on phone and gets happy knowing the good news about her pregnancy. Manav hears them. Sulochana blesses her and her baby. Sulochana tells her that Archana went to temple. Pari says, she must be praying for me. Sulochana gets emotional thinking about Ankita. Manav takes the call and tells her congrats. He asks Pari to congrats as well.
Pari says, he is very happy with the news. She says, I don’t want to stay at home. I want to work and asks Manav to explain to Naren. Manav says, I will, but don’t think he will understand. I can understand his feelings. He asks her to take care of her health. Pari thanks him and disconnects the call.
Manav tells Sulochana that Naren is happy and even cancelled the meetings. Sulochana tells him that Ankita is pregnant too with Karmarkar’s heir and gets worried about. Manav asks her to pray for her.

Ankita writes letter for Naren and says 15 days have passed without him. She writes that she can’t stay without him. And tells about the routine check up. She will take good care of their baby and asks him not to worry. Kavita comes and asks Ankita to eat prasad. She says, Papaya and asks her to eat. Ankita says, she can’t eat papaya.

    Kavita says, its is okay and eats it. She asks, where are you going? Have you decided where to go. Ankita is silent. Kavita says, she heard that people live with each other without marriage in Mumbai and girls wears jeans. She asks, is this correct. Then says it might be true. She asks, to whom you were writing letter daily. To your lover? And asks, why you are not sending. Ankita says, she doesn’t want to send.

Ankita says, she writes to express her love and to say that she is fine. Kavita’s husband brings Kachori for her. He asks Ankita about her hand’s size and says I will bring bangles for you. Kavita gets angry and takes him in her room. Ankita smiles.

Vaishnavi comes and hugs Ankita saying she won the drawing competition. Ankita says, I know and that’s why I brought this bouquet for you. She asks her to go to Ranvijay and show the trophy.
Kavita beats her husband. Someone comes and asks Vishnu to come to the shop. He looks at his bandage and says bhabhi beats you. Vishnu says, he makes his wife jealous to get her attention.

Vaishnavi comes to Ranvijay to show her trophy. Ranvijay scolds her and says he will talk to her in the morning.
Ranvijay’s wallet falls on the ground. He picks his wife’s photo and a sad music plays……..Ranvijay drinks wine. His friends tell him that bhabhi won’t be back and asks him to accept that. Vaishnavi looks at her dad.
Ankita tells Panditji’s wife that she is going now and thanks her for their help. Panditji’s wife asks her to go. Ankita gets a vomiting sensation and she runs inside the house. Panditji’s wife wonders why she is vomiting.

    Naren and Pari looks at the thunderstorm. Naren says, what if our baby get scared? Pari says, he wont. She tells that she wants to work and help Manav in his business. Naren says, he will help instead. Pari convinces him.
Ankita starts walking on the road with luggage. She sees Vaishnavi on the road drenched in rain water with high fever. She takes an rickshaw and makes Vaishnavi sits in it.
Naren is working on the project. He switches on the projector and gets flashes of Ankita. Pari comes and asks him what are you doing? Pari says, I am going to sleep now. Naren tells her that he saw strange visuals. She tells him to sleep.
Precap: Ranvijay’s mom scolds Ranvijay for bringing Ankita home and tells him that Ankita took their Vaishnavi with her. Ranvijay looks shocked.
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Pavitra Rishta 22nd July 2014 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 22nd July 2014 Written Update
The episode starts with Panditji’s wife showing Ranvijay’s wife photo to Ankita and tells her that she died 5 months ago and since then Vaishnavi forgot to smile and even didn’t go to school. She says, I am happy since you came here. Kavita hears them. Panditji’s wife says, I don’t want Vaishnavi’s heart to get broken if you go from here. Please go from here. Ankita says, I can understand your worries, but I promise you that I will become her normal. She asks her not to worry.
Kavita tells her that Ranvijay didn’t enter the room since his wife’s death. Ankita drops Vaishnavi till the rickshaw. The goons sees her and tells that she got trapped by Ranvijay. Ranvijay hears them. Ankita comes to Ranvijay and thanks him for saving his life. Ranvijay gets angry and shouts at her to go inside. Ankita gets shocked. Ranvijay beats the goons. Ankita looks on shocked.
Ranvijay comes home and drinks. He calls who took my pillow. Vaishnavi says, I took his pillow. Ankita asks her to give the pillow to Ranvijay. Ranvijay shouts at Vaishnavi. Ankita tells him that Vaishnavi needs his love. Ranvijay asks her to stop the crap else get out of his house.

    Days passes by. Ankita drops Vaishnavi till the rickshaw. Naren is seen busy in his office, then coming home and spends time with Pari. Vaishnavi tells Ranvijay that she got ‘A’ grade in Maths and asks for a chocolate. Ranvijay goes silently. Ankita spends time with Vaishnavi. Naren and Pari get romantic.

    Ankita cries looking at Naren and her photo and gets emotional. Naren comes home and says honey I am home. Pari asks him to be responsible. Naren asks why? Pari tells him that someone is going to come in their life. Naren asks, are you serious? He hugs her and says boy will be like me and girl will be like you. They have a hug.
Rushaali comes to Shirish and says she is very happy as Pari is pregnant. She tells Kinnari, can you believe it. They get happy.
Rushaali blesses Pari and her child. Naren comes home with teddies in his hands. Ankita is seen instead of Pari. Rushaali asks, what are you doing here. Naren asks Ankita to leave and says this child is not mine. Ankita wakes up seeing the dream. She thinks her baby’s birth will not be celebrated grandly and he have to be born without their knowledge.

Rushaali congrats Naren and Pari and gives them sweets. She then gives sweets to Shirish. Shirish gives money to the servant. Doctor comes to check Pari. Kinnari asks Naren to stop as Doctor is checking Pari.
Doctor comes out and says mother and baby are doing fine. She asks him to take her for regular checkup. Naren goes to Pari and says he is very excited. His phone rings. Naren picks the call and cancels all the meetings. Pari asks, why did you cancelled the meetings. Naren says, he have to take care of her for 9 months. He makes her drink juice.
Sachin comes home and takes Neena in his room. He shows her gift, a saree. Neena says, it was very costly. Sachin says, he brought gifts for kids as well. Neena says, our financial position is weak. Sachin says, he did some miscalculations of money in the project. Neena asks him to think big. Sachin says, I am not stupid. Neena says, their need is of crores and asks him to earn crores. She makes him understand that he have to prove his worth and can start his new business through this project. Sachin says, you are right.
Ankita gets Vaishnavi ready for school and helps her in her homework. Kavita tells that Vaishnavi has got attached to her. Ankita says, she tried to go, but couldn’t because of Vaishnavi. Panditji’s wife taunts Ankita. Ranvijay comes home. Kavita taunts him. Panditji’s wife serves him and asks till when Ankita will stay at their house. Ankita tells her that she is going today and asks them not to tell Vaishnavi. Kavita taunts Ankita and says she doesn’t want to go. Vaishnavi has been dependent on her fully. Ranvijay doesn’t eat the food and leaves.

Precap: Naren is driving the car and looks at the cactus plant. He looks down for a second and hits a pregnant woman. He gets shocked and puts the breaks.
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Pavitra Rishta 21st July 2014 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 21st July 2014 Written Update
The episode starts with Ankita waking up in the morning and is about to go. Vaishnavi holds her dupatta and asks her not to go. Ankita makes her sleep and sings a lori. Panditji wife sees them and taunts Ankita. Ankita is about to talk to her. Panditji’s wife asks her to take bath and be fresh as it is Pandit’s house. After taking bath Ankita looks at Sindoor. Kavita asks her, if she is married. Ankita says yes. Kavita asks about her home. Ankita says, Mumbai. Kavita gets happy and takes actors’ name. Ankita says, she is going now. Kavita asks her to go and says Ranvijay brought her here in this room. Ankita asks, what is in this room. Kavita asks her to go. She sees a letter written by Ankita. Kavita’s husband come there and gets surprised seeing Ankita. He compliments Ankita’s beauty. Kavita tells her that he is her husband and takes him with her.

Ankita gets sad and thinks these strangers helped us. We will return their favour some day. She thinks to go. Kavita gets angry on her husband for praising Ankita’s beauty. Her husband praises her fakely. Kavita pulls his nose and threatens to kill him. Panditji’s wife calls Kavita.

One couple comes to Panditji and shows their kundli. Panditji tells them that his prediction will never be wrong. The man asks him to prove it. Panditji worries about his prediction. The man asks Ankita to stop and asks Panditji to tell about Ankita. He asks, can she sing a song. Panditji gets worried and thinks he has to do something to save his respect. He tells that she can sing well. The man asks Panditji to ask Ankita to sing a song. Ankita looks surprised. The man says, if she sings then I will accept that you are not a fraud and a good astrologer. Panditji says, she will sing.

Panditji asks Ankita to sing a song as his respect is in her hands now. Ankita says, I don’t know how to sing. The man asks her to sing and says they were waiting. Ankita sings the song Saathiya Yeh Tune Kya Kiya…………………….Vaishnavi comes and listens her. Everyone listen to her song with much interest. Ranvijay comes and stops to hear her song. She gets emotional. The man praises Ankita’s singing. Ankita recollects singing for Naren and Naren praising her. Panditji smiles. Ankita smiles.

Vaishnavi laughs. The man gives 4000 Rs to Panditji and says you have proved to be a good astrologer and praises Ankita. The man’s wife thanks Ankita and says my husband is special ( he was already mentally challenged like Naren). Ankita asks the woman to support her husband always. Panditji offers partnership to Ankita and offers her money. Ankita says, she doesn’t need money and thanks him. Kavita says, she saw smile on Vaishnavi’s face since long. Panditji asks Ankita to stay at their home and says she forgot to smile. Vaishnavi hugs Ankita. Panditji asks his wife to agree and says Vaishnavi is happy with her. Panditji asks Ranvijay, if he has any objections. Ranvijay says no and says he didn’t bring him to stay for forever. Ankita is about to leave. Panditji stops her and tells her that Vaishnavi is not having a mother. She laughed after you came in her life. He requests her to stay back.

Vaishnavi calls her choti maa surprising everyone. Ankita thinks she can’t give love to her loved ones and thinks to give love to Vaishnavi. She tells that life is strange and hugs her. Ranvijay looks on. Ankita kisses her. Kavita and her husband look happy.

Naren and Rushaali sit in their car after attending a meeting. Naren asks his driver to get his phone from the office. Rushaali asks Naren to take time off for his family for enjoyment. She asks him and Pari to think about baby. Naren asks, what is the hurry. Rushaali says, kid increases love in the couple and brings responsibility. Naren says ok. Two kids knocks on the car window and ask for money. Naren gives them money and chocolates. The kids thank Naren. Naren says, he saw the same kids in his dream and wonders why they came in his dreams. Rushaali says, I know and says now it is high time to go for kids. Naren asks the driver to take them home and tells Rushaali that her advice is taken.

Kavita takes out school clothes for Vaishnavi and tells that she doesn’t go to school daily. Panditji wife comes and asks Vaishnavi to get ready to go to school. Vaishnavi goes out of her room. Panditji’s wife asks Kavita to keep the uniform inside. Vaishnavi brings Ankita in her room and says she will go to school if choti maa gets her ready. Ankita agrees and asks them not to worry.

Panditji’s wife tells Ankita that she is scared if she leaves Vaishnavi after making her close to her. She asks her to leave. Ankita promises her.
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Pavitra Rishta 18th July 2014 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 18th July 2014 Written Update
The episode starts in Varanasi. The Panditji is talking to someone and asks him to be beware. He asks about his wife’s name initial and fools him to get money. He asks him to sprinkle Gangajal on the house to make his wife calm. Panditji’s wife comes and asks him to go. She tells him that Vaishnavi didn’t come home and asks him to look for her. Panditji says, she is a kid. She will be back. He tells her that something will happen today which hasn’t happened in the past. His daughter in law brings tea for him. Ranvijay brings Ankita home and takes her in the room.   

Daughter in law Kavita tells Panditji’s wife that Ranvijay took someone inside the room. Vaishnavi covers Ankita with blanket. Ranvijay’s family questions him about Ankita. Ranvijay says, she will stay here. Panditji’s daughter in law says how can he bring someone. Panditji says, we will talk in the morning.   

Ankita gains consciousness in the night and sees the girl sleeping beside her.   

She comes out of the room and sees Ranvijay. Ankita asks him, is this your home? Ranvijay asks her to speak low and says you was unconscious that’s why I brought you here. My daughter insisted me to bring you here. I listened to her. Ankita thanks her and is about to leave. Ranvijay warns her that the goons will be outside and asks her to go in the morning. Ankita gets sad.   

Prashant speaks to the Ganesha and says tai and baba was snatched from us. He asks, why did you snatched her from us. She sacrificed her life for us. Why did you ruined her life? He gets emotional and says he didn’t know whether she is alive or not. Mansi comes and says I know you are very sad. She asks him to believe that Ankita is fine. Bappa will take care of her. Prashant says, if Bappa wanted then Ankita could be happy with Naren jiju. He tells Mansi that he thought be become rich and protect her, but he couldn’t protect her and you.   

Mansi asks him not to blame himself. Some neighbours going from there and taunts Prashant for not being able to handle his sister. Prashant gets angry and fights with them. Mansi falls and takes promise from Prashant that he won’t react to anyone’s sayings. She hugs her brother while crying.   

Ankita thinks she doesn’t know whether she will have a baby girl or baby boy, but he will have their qualities. She thinks, he will be like Naren or her. She thinks he is not aware that the child is his and cries miserably.   

Naren gets flashes of some child and wakes up. Pari asks, what happened. Naren tells her that he saw a dream. Pari tells him not to get over stressed. Naren asks her to sleep.   

Panditji’s daughter in law Kavita looks at Ranvijay and thinks he behaves like Raja Bhoj. Have to give him food here. Ranvijay asks her to serve him. She taunts him. She asks Ranvijay about Ankita. She taunts Ranvijay for being jobless. Ranvijay tells her that he have the food and asks her to keep the food outside the room so that Ankita eats it.   

Panditji’s wife asks her, she tells her that Ranvijay asks her to keep the food for Ankita. She says, Ranvijay never allowed me to step inside the room and that woman is staying in his room. Panditji’s wife says, we can’t argue with him. He doesn’t listen to us. She asks Kavita to sleep.

Mansi looks at her family pic and cries. Shashank comes and asks why you are crying. Mansi holds herself responsible for the happenings. Shashank says no. She says, if I allowed you and Ankita to marry each other then everyone would have been fine. Shashank makes her understand that it was a mutual decision. He says, I am very happy with you and loves you a lot. Mansi says I know, but….Shashank tells her that relations are made in heaven as God has made you for me. He asks her not to blame herself. He tells Ankita is very strong. She has done a big sacrificed. She will be fine. He hugs her.
Pari brings breakfast for Naren. Naren asks, why you are working? Pari says, she likes to work and wants to reach his heart. Naren hugs her and says I thought we have came back home soon. He looks at her forehead and says he will apply sindoor on her forehead. He gets flashes of applying sindoor on Ankita’s forehead. He stops and tells Pari that he felt someone’s presence in their room.   

Pari tells him that no one is here and asks him to fill her maang soon. Naren fills her maang with sindoor and gets tensed. She hugs him.   

Naren comes back from office. Pari asks why you came late and asks him to be responsible. Naren asks what? Pari talks about his additional responsibilities. .
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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Pavitra Rishta 17th July 2014 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 17th July 2014 Written Update
The episode starts with Ankita asking someone about lodge. Ankita goes to talk to the ladies sitting there. They refused to give room to her and asks her to get her family. They ask, don’t you have a husband. Ankita goes from there and thinks she left everything so that Naren can live happily with his Ahana. Something pierced into her foot. Ankita thinks she isn’t feeling pain any more and takes out the thorn.   

She sees a Ganesh temple and prays to fulfill her motive. She prays for Naren and Pari’s happiness and also prays for Soham and her siblings.   

Naren is washing his face and recalls seeing a woman’s (Ankita) reflection and Ankita’s voice calling her Naren sir. He wonders what is happening to him. It is very strange. Pari calls him to have food.   

One woman is arguing with the vegetable seller about the money. She asks the girl what she will eat. The girl nods in a no. The women says she will go and bargain with other seller.

Panditji tells Ankita that he tried but couldn’t get a room for her. He asks her to check near Shiv mandir. The girl looks at Ankita.   

The women comes back and wonders where her daughter might have gone. The girl comes to Ankita. Ankita smiles and asks her name. She faints. Some people gather there.   

Rushaali calls Pari and asks did they reach the hotel. Pari says yes. She liked the place. Rushaali says, it seems Naren likes Lonavala. She asks her to call her and disconnects the call.   

Sachin comes to Manav. Manav tells him that they have never differentiate among their children, but I know you don’t feel the same. You said that we are giving more importance to you etc etc. He says, we got Soham. Neena thinks they are planning to give entire property to Soham. Manav says, he wants clear his misunderstanding and tells about the project. He asks him to handle it alone. It is worth of crores. Sachin looks surprised. Manav asks him to execute the project and prove himself. Neena asks him to say yes. Sachin says, I will think about it and let you know. Manav says ok.   

Ranvijay is sitting with his friends. The little girl comes to him. She calls him papa and asks him to come with her. She takes him to Ankita. The women sitting beside unconscious Ankita asks Ranvijay to take her to the hospital. Ranvijay takes her in his arms and takes her to the small clinic.   

Doctor asks him to take her to the hospital. Ranvijay asks her to treat her. Doctor agrees. He awaits outside the clinic and asks the people to do their work. The doctor checks Ankita and tells Ranvijay that she is pregnant. She didn’t have anything since morning so she fainted. Her BP is also low. Have to administer her saline. Ranvijay says, I don’t know this woman. Doctor says, we can’t leave her alone in this condition. Ranvijay asks, do you want me to take her responsibility. There are so many orphans in this world. Ranvijay’s daughter asks him to take her home.   

Naren and Pari are sitting in the restaurant. She thanks him for bringing her here. She says, it is very refreshing. Naren says, he has planned this honeymoon long back. Announcement is made for the couple to sing a live song.   

Naren says, he will sing. Naren goes on stage and says he wants to dedicate this song for his Ahana. He recollects the song and sings Saathiya Yeh Tune Kya Kiya………..Everyone clap for them. They dance on the stage.   

Neena is restless. Sachin comes and asks what is all this. Neena shows him torn clothes and asks him to get accustomed to it. Sachin says, I am not confident about handling the project alone. He says, you don’t know anything about business. Neena says, you can involve Gaurav and be successful. Sachin says, if I fails to get success then I will be out of the company. Neena says, Manav and Archana are using them as no one is here. She asks him to transfer all business in his name through this project.   

Naren and Pari come to their room. Naren sings the song. Pari says, I didn’t know that you sing so well. She asks, why did you sing this song. Naren says I don’t know. Pari thanks him. They hug each other and goes to sleep.   

Naren gets flashes of Ankita in his sleep. He thinks why he is feeling that something is amiss. I got well, but why I am missing someone or any incident. He wonders what is happening.   

Naren stops while filling Pari’s forehead with sindoor. Pari asks what happened. Naren says, is anyone there here. I felt that someone is here. Pari asks are you fine? He says yes, but….
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