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Pavitra Rishta 1st october 2014 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 1st October 2014 Written Update .
The episode starts with Teju telling Savita that there are so many similarities between Ashi and Ankita. Rushaali gets irked and tells that they don’t have any similarities and asks them not to relate them. Naren confirms her that there are so many similarities. Rushaali gets angry and goes. Naren says sorry to Ankita and says mom is possessive about Ashi. Naren thinks Ankita is very good person and sacrifices for her loved ones. He thinks I can’t forget your favour. He waits for Pari and thinks it is 12 now. He tries calling Pari’s number and bumps into Ankita.

Ankita shouts as she gets scared. Naren asks her to keep quiet. Ankita slips and falls on him, they have an eye lock. Ankita holds him. Pari comes and sees them in each other arms. She starts clapping and says you guys look good together. She asks them to continue. Naren tells her that Ankita has fallen down because of the water on the floor. Pari asks Ankita, so this is your plan. I must say that you are brilliant. You wants to be so close to Naren and wants me to leave him. Naren asks are you drunk.

Pari asks him to speak in low tone else family will think she is bad. Naren asks her to come inside. Pari says, do you think I will use only second hand things all my life. You left Naren and I used second hand husband. If you leave MD post then it will become second hand post. She says, if she would have died then all my problems have been solved. Naren tries to shut her mouth. Pari continues to speak against her. She says, if you send me to Jail then Naren will get angry and you won’t do that. Naren says you are too much drunk.

Pari says, people used to tell that I am perfect but don’t say it now because of you. You left him and did a big sacrifice. She tells that they had a fight and then they lost their child. She tried to keep her occupied with work but then you came and snatched everything. She asks her to leave Naren for her.

Pari says, I am sorry that I am talking much and says we will talk about Ankita. she says, don’t know with how many guys you will keep relations with. First you had relation with Shashank and then Naren. Then you carried someone else child and then Ranvijay. Ankita asks her to shut up. She asks, what kind of guy do you need? Naren gets angry and slaps her. Ankita calms Naren. PAri says, I am speaking to your first time and asks didn’t you love him when you both was married. Ankita is speechless. Pari then asks Naren. Naren asks her to go inside. Pari says, oh you were not in your senses then. You might have forgot about it. Naren reminds her that she is drunk and asks her to go inside. Pari says, enjoy both of you and goes inside.

Naren says sorry to Ankita. Ankita gets tears in her eyes. Ashi comes and asks Naren why mumma is crying. Ankita takes Ashi with her to make her sleep. Ankita recalls Pari’s words. Naren also recalls her words and thinks he don’t know. Ankita thinks Pari has a right on Naren and she don’t want to come between them. Naren thinks he loves Pari then why he is thinking about Ankita.

Ankita wakes up in the morning. Naren makes tea for Pari. Pari says, it is not needed. She continues that he is making her feel guilty. Naren tells her how can you do this. Pari says, I didn’t drink for thr first time and asks him not to act as husband. She says I am frustated as everyone is praising Ankita. I didn’t do the accident intentionally. We lied to save each other. We lost everything because of it. Ankita came back and snatched everything. I can’t tolerate her and asks him to send Ankita somewhere. Naren tells her that Ankita did so mcuh for them. Pari says, you are defending Ankita. Naren says, I will as she is right.

Pari tells that Ankita snatched everything from me, but I won’t stay quiet if she tries to snatch you from me. NAren tells her that Ankita isn’t bad, she cares for others’ happiness too. She stayed quiet when you was accusing and shouting at her. Even Ashi woke up hearing your shouts. he asks her to be an ideal mother. Pari says, I don’t care about her. Naren tells her that Ashi is their daughter. Ashi and Vaishnavi ask for sandwich. Teju says, she is bringing. Naren asks for Ankita. Teju says, she went to office and was upset. Naren thinks to talk to Ankita and seems worried. Ashi and Vaishnavi discuss that Ankita and Naren are worried and say we will do something. Ashi asks Naren to come along with her. Naren asks, is Ankita aunty also coming? Ashi says no. Naren thinks to go with Ashi and goes to get ready.

Ankita is in office and thinks she can’t go infront of Naren. She thinks what to reply if Naren questions her if she loved him ever. She thinks she can’t face Naren. She thinks to keep herself far from Naren and Pari’s life.

Pari takes out a file and sees a slip on the name of Dr. Subhash Singh. She wonders who is he?

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Pavitra Rishta 30th September 2014 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 30th September 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Ankita watching accident video footage where she sees Pari has made accident and not Naren. She hurriedly walks out of her room towards police station. Rushali hides and sees her going, thinks she sent Ankita that video and can do anything to save her son.   

Ankita reaches police station where Pari stops her and asks why did she come here when she herself provoked Naren to get arrested. She starts alleging that she wants to snatch Naren from her and says she could not bear a child, so she wants a child from Naren now.   

Ankita slaps Pari and says she knows she does not like her and says she should be happy that Naren is with her and says whatever she thinks she is Naren’s first wife and the emotions he shared with her, did not share with Pari. She says she knows the truth that she made accident instead of Naren and says she made a mistake and blamed Naren, now she will tell her truth to police and get her arrested. Pari says she will pay for it if she tells her truth.   

Ankita says she does not care about anything and will tell her truth anyways. Pari shouts that she cannot do this, else her life will be ruined. Ankita’s lawyer comes and they both enter police station.

Naren asks inspector to release Naren as he did not make accident and someone else made it, asks to find out who it is. Inspector asks if Naren pressurized her to take back case. She says he is not and asks inspector to release soon. Inspector releases Naren adn asks lawyer to complete the rest of formalities. Pari sees that and thinks Ankita is trying to gain Naren’s sympathy. After coming out, Ankita says she came to know that Pari made accident and not him.   

Pari comes there and asks Naren if he is alright. Naren says he is fine and they both should thank Ankita for forgiving them. Pari asks Ankita if she is planning to trap her in the future. Naren asks what is wrong with her and asks Ankita why did not she tell truth to police. Ankita says she wants to give once chance to Pari and let her mend her ways, says Pari that she has a nice husband and not to lose him.   

While preparing food, Kinnari tells Neena that Naren was sent to jail unnecessarily. Neena says yes. Kinnari sees her hesitant face and asks if she knows about it from before and says when she trusts her so much, why she hid secret from her. Neena says Pari made accident and not Naren. Kinnari is shocked to hear that and goes to inform about it to Rushali.   

Rushali after hearing it asks who said it to you as only Naren, Ankita and Pari know about it and asks her to keep silent. She sees Naren and Ankita coming and is shocked to see Pari there. She asks Pari how come she is here. Pari realizes that Rushali sent Ankita CCTV footage and wants her get arrested and starts badmouthing about Rushali to Manav, says Rushali is selfish and used her. Rushali tells truth to Manav that Pari made accident and Naren took blame on himself and safeguarded the secret and lost everything in this process.   

Manav is shocked to hear that. She says Naren that Pari wanted him to go to jail but did not want to go herself. Pari says Rushali is telling lie and says she was trying her best to save Naren and even she met an advocate. Manav asks Pari how to believe her and asks how can she sent her own husband to jail and asks Ankita if she knew the truth from before. Ankita says she did not knew before and just came to know in the morning when someone sent a CD and says she wants to give one chance to Pari and let her mend her ways. Manav praises her and says he is proud that she is his and Archana’s granddaughter and scolds Pari for breaking his trust and says he will not trust her from now. Teju says Ankita that good happens to good people and bad to bad people.   

Ankita feeds food to Ashi while during dinner. Rushali gets irked seeing that. Teju asks Naren about Pari. He says she has gone out on some work. Ankita feeds peanut halwa to Ashi and she starts coughing due to peanut allergy. Ankita feeds her tonic and says she takes this when she gets peanut allergy. Savita says even Ankita and Ashi has peanut allergy and they both have same features and says they both have same anuansh. Ashi asks what is anuansh. Teju says it is heredity/genetics and looks like they both have same genes. Rushali says it is a coincidence.   

Precap: No precap
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Pavitra Rishta 29th September 2014 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 29th September 2014 Written Update
The episode starts with Kinnari asking Ashi to eat food. Ashi refuses to eat anything. Kinnari tells her that she doesn’t have patience and says let it be. Pari comes and says her head is paining and asks her to bring the tablet. Kinnari tells her that Ashi is not eating and waiting for Naren. She goes inside. Pari scolds Ashi and tells her that Naren is in the office. Kinnari brings the medicines and gives to Pari. Pari takes the tablet and goes inside. Ashi asks Pari to comb her hair. Pari asks Kinnari to braid her hair. Ashi tells Vaishnavi and Ankita that her Dada went to office early. Ankita says, meeting was late today. She asks Prashant. Prashant tells her that Naren is not in the office. Ankita wonders where is Naren then. She gets a call. She tells Prashant that Naren is in Jail shocking them. He has accepted his crime. Ankita thinks he accepted it because of you sayings. Pari accuses Ankita and tells her that she will prove that Naren did this under your influence.

Pari comes to meet Naren and asks him to take the statement back. She reminds him that case will be reopened and police will reach her. Naren says, I am doing this as it is right. Pari says, you are doing this as you are upset with me. Naren says, I am at peace after surrending to the Police. Pari asks him to come back and do as she says. Naren says, you can’t bear that Ankita is ahead of you and I can’t bear my guilt. We both are in pain. I am happy that Ankita is happy and she got justice. Pari says, it means you are doing this for Ankita’s peace. Naren says, I am doing this for my peace.

Ankita comes to the Police station to meet Naren. She gets sad looking at him. Naren asks, are you happy now that I have accepted my crime and got justice for Ranvijay. You were right. I should have accepted it long back. I am feeling relief now. Ankita asks him, did you really do the accident. I can’t believe. Naren asks, do you belief me? Ankita leaves. She thinks her duty has won but love failed.

Pari calls the lawyer and says she wants to talk to him regarding the case. Rushaali comes and tells Pari, how can you be so calm as Naren is in jail. Pari says, I am tensed. She tells her that she didn’t ask him to confess the crime. Rushaali reminds her that the accident was done by her. Pari closes the door. Rushaali tells her that you would have surrender to the police and get Naren freed. She tells her that Naren is her son and you are my daughter in law. Pari asks, do you want me to face the punishment. Rushaali says ofcourse. Pari says, your son don’t want me to get jailed. If you try to get me punish then you have to face him. She tells her that she is going to meet the lawyer to get Naren freed. Rushaali thinks how can she be so casual.

Ankita tells a story to Ashi. Ashi says, she is waiting for her Dada. Pari comes and asks Ashi to sleep. Ankita asks Pari not to tell anything to Ashi. Pari tells Ashi that Ankita sent Naren to Jail. Ankita tries to stop her. Ashi says, Mumma can’t put my dada in jail and asks Ankita to say. Pari asks Ankita to answer Ashi. Ankita tells her that your dada won’t come today. Ashi gets angry and says you are very bad. Pari tells Ankita that she told Ashi as she wants Ashi to hate her. Ankita says, I really can’t believe that you are Manav and Archana’s grand daughter. Pari says, she is very bad and will not leave her. Vaishnavi comes and tells Ankita that Ashi is not talking to her. Ankita asks her to sleep.

Savita gives tea to Manav. Manav says, you knows when I want it. Savita says, I know that you are tensed about Naren and Pari. Manav says, I am really worried. Savita says, let Naren bear the punishment. If anything happens to Ranvijay then Naren might get life imprisonment or death sentence. Rushaali hears it and gets tensed. Manav tells Savita that the case will be solved soon as Naren took the blame. He feels bad about him. Rushaali gets shocked. She thinks she won’t let it happen as Pari did the accident.

Ankita comes to Ranvijay and tells him that Naren has accepted his crime and is in jail. She says, she brought sweets for him. You got justice today. I can tell your family that the guilty is punished. Naren sir is in jail. I am feeling as something wrong is happening. She tells that she doesn’t know what is happening. Something is bothering her. She asks him to say something. Rushaali calls Ankita and tells that she wants to tell something about Ranvijay’s accident. She disconnects the call. Ankita comes home. Rushaali keeps something outside the door and goes. Ankita opens the door and finds the envelope containing the CD. She sees the recording and gets shocked.

Pari tells Ankita that she don’t think Ranvijay will get out of coma or not and asks do you need a child from my husband. Ankita slaps her hard.
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Pavitra Rishta 26th September 2014 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 26th September 2014 Written Update
The episode starts with Naren asking Saxena why did he publish Ankita’s news and for whom. He says he will take back his decision now as Ankita is a good woman and saved my son now and says a person who provoked me is inside the room. Naren is shocked to see Pari inside who asks Saxena that he should be adamant in his decision, says Naren may investigate the issue further, but she will divert his attention. She says Ankita has already decided to go back to Banaras and once she goes MD position will be hers. Saxena comes out and says Naren that he thought of a meager profit, but realized how good Ankita is, asks Naren to stop Ankita from going.

Naren reaches home and asks about Ankita. Pari asks why is he concerned about Ankita. He says he will talk to her later and asks Teju about Ankita. Teju say she has gone to office to pack her items and will go to railway station directly from there. Pari thinks with this news out, everyone will start insulting Ankita and she will be thrown into a corner of house, then she can get MD position.

Naren then comes to office and sees Ankita packing her bags. He stopped her. Saxena reaches office with board of directors on time and apologizes for their mistakes, requests not to leave the company. Vaishnavi asks Ankita to forgive directors. Naren also backs her. Ankita agrees.

Ashi comes to Manav and tells him that she wants to play with Vaishnavi. Teju tells him that Ashi is missing Vaishnavi very much. Pari comes and hears it. She gets irked. Teju talks about Ankita and tells that Aayi wants to be left alone for sometime. She asks Ashi to go to her room. Ashi goes inside. Pari tells that Ashi is missing Vaishnavi very much. She says, Ashi will forget her in 2-3 days. Teju gets angry.

Pari tells that life doesn’t stop for anyone. Someone will take her place. I mean to say that someone shall take her place like she took Azooba’s place. She tells that she can understand that Ankita had hurt you. Manav says, no one has guts to leave the power. Ankita did it. Everyone think about their profit. Pari says, time has come for you to handover the business in right hands. Manav asks, what do you mean? Pari asks him to handover the business to her and gives her a chance. She says, it is my turn now.

Ankita comes back and says it is not needed. Teju and Manav get happy while Pari gets shocked and unhappy. Ankita assures Manav that she is back and promises to take care of her responsibilities. Manav says, I knew it. Pari says, do you have an idea about the loss which our company would face because of you. Naren comes and says no one is going. He tells that the board of directors don’t want Ankita to go. Manav says, good things happen with good people. May be they have realized their mistake. Naren is angry on Pari. Manav asks Ankita to meet Archana. Ankita goes to her room. Pari is irked. Naren says, I don’t believe that Pari can do this.

Pari calls Saxena and asks how can you ditch me like this. Saxena asks her to listen to him. She says, I would have become company’s owner after Ankita leaves. Saxena tells her that Naren comes to know everything. Naren opens the light shocking Pari. Naren tells that he was at Saxena’s house when you came there. He says, I never thought you would stoop so low. Being a woman you would do such a cheap thing with Ankita. You are responsible for Ranvijay’s condition. You followed me. Pari says, yes I don’t believe you and Ankita. She says, I followed you when Ankita took you to Ranvijay. She was brainwashing you.

A flashback is shown, Pari takes Ankita’s pics with Ranvijay. She says, she had decided to teach a lesson to Ankita and that’s why got the news published. She says, I told 1000’s times that I hate Ankita. Naren says, you will stoop so low. My pari was not selfish but money minded. Pari says, whatever I am today is because of you. You always protects Ankita. I will do whatever I think is right. I will get my position back. I don’t need you. Naren is shocked. He tells that Pari is not repenting for her mistake. Everything will be snatched from you if your attitude continues to be like this.

Pari is sleeping while Naren recalls Pari’s words and couldn’t sleep. He goes out of room to have water and finds a letter there. He reads a page from Ankita’s diary which might have fallen on the ground. He reads it and thinks who might have written this. He gets another page and reads it. He thinks someone might have hurt this person and opines that it is true love. He gets another page and reads it about love.

Ankita is seen sitting near the window. Naren smiles reading the letters. Ankita sees and comes to him. Naren asks, about the person written in the letter. Ankita refuses to answer. Naren says, he is obviously Ranvijay. Ankita thanks him and says I won’t forget your past mistakes. She asks him to accept his crime infront of police and closes the door. Naren looks helpless.

Ankita gets a phone call. She gets tensed and says she is coming. Prashant asks what happened? Ankita says, Naren sir is in Jail. Everyone get shocked…
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Pavitra Rishta 25th September 2014 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 25th September 2014 Written Update
The episode starts with board of directors insisting that Ankita should resign from MD post. Ankita says she will not resign and says she respect them as shareholders, but will not resign. Directors say they can vote against her. She asks him to do whatever he likes and asks them to leave.

Prashanth alleges Pari that she must have published Ranvijay and Ankita’s pic in newspaper as she is jealous of Ankita from the beginning. Pari says she did not and asks him to get back to his work. She thinks who must have done it and she should first check what is happening between Ankita and Naren.

Ankita thinks Naren has published news and starts scolding him that he did this to get MD position and to hide his mistake. He says he did not do it. she continuously starts alleging him. He just stands silently. She says if he wants MD position, he can take any time and asks him to get out of her cabin. Pari who is waiting outside cabin asks Naren what happened. He says Ankita is alleging me for news leak. Pari asks how can she allege you without proof.

Teju, Savita and other family members see Vaishnavi crying and ask her what happened. Kinnari says someone must have scolded her. Ankita comes just then. Ashi says Vaishnavi fought with her classmate. Vaishnavi says her classmates were talking bad about you and asks Ankita to take her from there. Ankita takes her into their room. Teju says don’t know who did this heinous act.

Naren tries to convince board member to change his decision. Director is adamant in his decision and says either Ankita will stay or board of directors. He gets calls from someone. Naren says he cannot mingle Ankita’s professional and personal life. Director says Ankita uses her heart than brain and she even sanctioned leave to employees on festival day, which affected productivity and walks out saying his decision is final. He goes out and says he did his work. Naren thinks whom he is talking to so seriously, he has to find out.

Pari thinks she is ruining Vaishnavi’s future by dragging her in her personal fight and thinks she will stop this fight and will walk out. She starts packing her bags. Savita comes and sees her packing bags and asks where is she going. Ankita says she is going back to Banaras and says because of her Vaishnavi is being punished, which she cannot see. She says she came here for Ranvijay and she cannot ruin Vaishnavi’s life, so she is going. Manav comes there and she says everything is going wrong here and she cannot handle it. Manav says he gave her big responsibility thinking she will fight problems courageously and instead running from it. He says board of directors made mistake and they will resign and not she. She says she is worried about Vaishnavi. He says he knows about it and says she will not go anywhere. She says people are telling right as she stayed with Ranvijay for 5 years in Banaras, but he respected her a lot. She does not want to ruin Vaishnavi’s life and wants to go, though she could not get justice to Ranvijay and cannot fulfill her promise.

Naren meets reporter and asks who gave him info. Reporter says he cannot. He says Ankita will file a defamation case on him. Reporter says a man gave him a parcel with Ankita’s story. Naren shows board of director Saxena’s pic. Reporter says he is that man. Naren thinks someone is provoking Saxena to do this and thinks he will find out the culprit.

Ankita thinks walks on the road thinking about her problems. She sees a kid struggling to cross road and rescues him from accident. Kid is turned out to be Saxena’s son who praises Ankita.

Naren reaches Saxena’s house and says he meet reporter and has collected info against him and will give it to police and asks why he did this.

Anikita thanks Naren for his help and says she will not forgive him though for Ranvijay’s accident and will make him accept his mistake.

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Pavitra Rishta 24th September 2014 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 24th September 2014 Written Update
The episode starts with Pari thinking Naren was with Ankita, so he saved her. She calls her goon and scolds him for failing to murder Ankita, says she will not give him money.

Kinnari sees Ashi and Vaishnavi playing cricket at home and scolds them. Savita hears that and asks her to behave well with children. Teju hires teacher for Ashi and Vaishnavi. Kids say teacher is very strict. Kinnari thinks strict teacher can punish kids more and says education is much needed for kids. Savita realizes her motto.

Pari asks Naren why did he go with Ankita, what if anything would have happened to him during cr’s brake fail. Naren asks how does she know about brake fail and if she is behind it. Pari says she heard it from Ankita and thinks herself that Naren is right.

Ankita looks at Naren from her cabin. Prashanth brings her tender file, but she is engrasped in Naren’s thoughts. She thinks Naren has a helping nature. She takes him to Ranvijay’s ICU room and says he used to love her a lot and is in coma because of him. She says Ranvijay is a very calm person and he cares his family a lot, but everyone’s lives changed with that accident. She says she spent 1.5 years with him and knows he cannot make accident purposefully and it was his mistake, but she is irked about his lies in court and asks him to do prayshchit of his mistake and accept his mistake in front of police, she will leave everything and will go from there. Naren reminisces Pari making accident and walks out from ICU room. Ankita sadly looks at Ranvijay.

Naren is disturbed about today’s incident. Pari asks why did not he sleep yet. He says he met Ranvijay today and he is in ICU. Pari asks if Ankita took him there and asks what happened. Naren says Ankita wants me to accept s mistake. She says he did not do that accident. He says he is thinking of accepting it, but thinks after case gets reopened, they will know the truth and catch you, which he does not want. He says Ranvijay was a good guy and he is in coma because of us. She says earlier also you took blame on yourself to save me and even today you took the blame. He says he loves her a lot. She says Ankita is emotionally blackmailing according to her plan to accept your mistake and asks him not to accept it. She thinks if he accepts mistake, police will catch her also.

Savita and family hears people’s shouting outside, goes out and says people if they have come for donation, she will give it. A lady says she does not want her donation. Another one says she wants to know her granddaughter’s illegal affairs and shows Ankita’s pic in newspapers and says Ankita is characterless. Savita gets irked and says she will slap her if she does not control her tongue. Another lady says she should have controlled her granddaughter instead of scolding us. Savita says she does not need news papers to prove her granddaughter’s innocence and starts scolding ladies again. Teju drags her inside home and says people are telling truth and shows Ankita’s pic with Ranvijay. Savita sees pic and gets sad while Pari and Neena smirk.

Ankita’s office staff start badmouthing about Ankita looking at the news and says rich girls just know to enjoy with boys. Once Prashanth comes there, they start taunting him. Prashanth says it is a fake news. Employee says his sister is characterless and another employee says people will question our character also, etc. Ankita reaches office and hears their comments. Once they see her, they stop gossipping.

Company’s board of directors say Ankita has to resign now as they cannot see their company’s reputation being tarnished. Naren says it is fake news. Another director says what he has to say about the pic. Naren says Ankita was about to marry this guy, but did not due to some reason. Director are adamant to get Ankita out of MD position. Ankita says she will not resign.

Ankita asks Naren to shop showing his fake concern and if he needs MD position, he can take it any time..
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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Pavitra Rishta 23rd September 2014 Written Update

Pavitra Rishta 23rd September 2014 Written Update
The episode starts with Naren driving car looking at Ankita and trying to make accident by mistake. Ankita asks him to look forward and drive and to think of Ashi and herself. Naren says she looks like Ashi. He loses car’s control due to break fail and rams it to a tree. Ankita says she has to attend meeting at any cost and scolds him for crashing car looking at her. He says he can call cab, but phone network is not available. She says she will get lift and tries to stop cars. Two drunkard old men stop car and ask if she is angel, whom she is waiting for. Ankita says she made a mistake and asks them to leave, but both old men insist to go with them. Ankita then runs and holds Naren. Old men see Naren and leave from there, asking them to enjoy.

Ashi wakes up in the middle of middle, sees Pari sleeping and goes to Vaishnavi’s room. Vaishani says she is not getting sleeping without Ankita. Ashi says even she is not getting sleep due to hunger and asks vaishnavi to prepare her something. She agrees, takes her to kitchen and prepares sandwich. Kinnari comes to the kitchen and they both hide. She sees bread on table, turns behind, sees jam smeared faces of Ashi and Vaishnavi and thinks they are ghosts. She informs about ghosts to Neena and Teju. Neena checks and says there is no ghost and she unnccessarily woke her up. Teju sees Ashi and Vaishnavi and thinks to punish kids.

Ankita and Naren walk on the road. She does not find signal on her phone and asks Naren to give his phone, drops it by mistake, and goes back to sit in her car with Naren following her. Light switches off and she calls Naren’s name. He says he knows she is afraid of darkness. He asks how do I know that you are afraid of darkness. She says all girls are afraid of darkness. He lights torch of his mobile. She apologizes for scolding him. She hears thunders and thinks now even rain cannot start back their love life. She wakes up in the morning and finds her head on his shoulder and reminisces her happier moments with him.

Savita goes to chawl tap to fill water and stands in a que. Goons come and ask them to walk out as their boss has to fill water. A lady comes out and slaps them. Boss comes there. Lady scolds him also. Boss says she does not know him. She says he is a small time goon who frightens innocent people and extracts money. He warns her to shut up. She says she will slap him more. He asks who is she. She says if she will tell her identity, he himself will ask to slap him, ask goons to place chair for her and sits on it. She then calls inspector and asks him to come there. Savita gets happy seeing the scene and praises lady. Lady says she heard a lot about her and is her inspiration, says she is her neighbour now, scolds people for tolerating goon’s torture. Lady says one should not tolerate injustice and says people have to become their own hero and instead of lighting candle on India gate face culprits/goons. She encourages mob to beat them. Savita praises lady and says she is not a girl but a boy for her family.

Pari wakes up in the morning and does not find him in her room. She asks Ashi about him. Ashi says he did not come from meeting. She looks at news paper and thinks of checking if Ankita’s accident news is published. She sees Ankita and Naren standing and surprisingly asked Ankita. Ankita asks why is she asking as if she is worried about her. She then asks Naren what if something would have happened to her. Naren asks how does she know about our accident. she says she is just worried about him and asks Ankita why didn’t she attend meeting. She says her car got crashed in jungle and Naren helped her, she thanks him and ask him to bring file.

Pari says Naren why did he go in break failed car. Naren asks how does she know about it when he or Ankita did not tell about it..
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